Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Curious about Costco? Part 1

So are you also curious about Costco?? I was able to attend the preview night last night, and I have to say I was most impressed and so excited about Costco finally coming to Sydney. I love Costco, with a fat capital 'L'. I would consider myself, whether you think it sad or not, a Costco groupie! I almost said, die-hard, however it I truly was die-hard I would have been there at 6am this morning lining up to be one of the first Sydneyites to purchase something at Costco, so I draw my line there. I am not 'die-hard'.

How good was it? I hear you desperately asking. Well, we loved it! I had a good friend come along with me and she surprised me by bringing her beautiful camera and photography skills so that my pictures will look totally professional. It was a non-purchasing night but a great opportunity to taste test some of Costco's offerings from, fresh foods to packaged frozen and dry foods. We taste tested their amazing pizzas that are super massive and only $14.99, move over Pizza Hut and your tinsy winsy (in comparison) Pizza Mias. The toppings are ample and there are a great selection to choose from, my favourite being the margarita.

I will mention at this point, that I have titled this post as Part 1. The pictures in this post are the ones I took on my standard digital camera until the battery died on me!  Part 2 will have heaps more products and better pictures as they are coming from my friend's camera. I am hoping to give everyone a taste of what to expect and my opinion on the product if I taste tested or if I have purchased it already from one of my Melbourne Costco trips.  This way you can plan a little bit ahead and not spend too much time checking everything out.

Some survival tips

Be aware that everything here is bulk size. We Australians have come to accept that small really does mean small, but in American terms, small means medium, medium means large and XL is normal!! You can see this not only in grocery but also in fast food. When you come to Costco, everything is in large or XL or multiples of 6 or 12 are normal. Which for me is great because feeding a family of 6 is big business and I don't like making multiple trips to the supermarket and I especially don't like it if I have to take 4 kids with me. So expect everything to be big!

Costco is also a great place to shop if you are catering for a party or some celebration where heaps of people need to be fed.

Here are a few survival tips for your trip to Costco.

1.Take a list of the kinds of things you would like to purchase and do your best to stick to it, otherwise you will be shocked at the checkout!

2.Tally the cost of the items as you go, otherwise you will get a SHOCK at the checkouts!!

3.Make sure you can eat what you are purchasing. I am hoping most families will think this through before they impulse purchase because a lot of good food can go to waste.

4.Make sure you can take everything home in your car, and that you have space to stock your items, especially your frozen goods.

5.Take it easy, Costco is here to stay and what you don't get to see, taste, or purchase this time, you can do it next time.

6.Lastly have fun! Its a great day out and be sure to make time for a snack or two at the canteen/tuck shop/cafeteria whatever you want to call it. You can get a great feed for a reasonable amount of money. My favourite has to be the choc-vanilla swirl yoghurt for $2.50, and its really large!!!

A selection of breads that you see at your regular supermarket.

Bananas are still expensive at Costco!!

This is a good price for Broccolini, there were a few bunches in this pack.

Asparagus is $8.49/kg and this is the pack you get. This is a great price! Product of Peru

36 pack of dinner rolls for $5.99. I love these bread rolls. They are great with soups but even better for your little peeps' school lunches. Freezable.

12 pack of 'large' muffins for $9.99

Another of my favourite items. Bagels that a baked fresh daily. 2 pack of 6 for $9.99

Large upside down pineapple cakes and apple pies.

12 pack of variety danishes (large) for $12.99.

Yummy XL birthday cakes.

20 pack of large cupcakes with whipped frosting $19.99.

XL cheesecakes $21.99


Samelia's Mum said...

I can't wait to join and make a trip to costco. It's still a little bit far from where I live, but I think it'll be worth the effort :-)

Those cakes look very yummy!

FoodMuster said...

It will be worth the trip and the size of the items you purchase, you can do it every couple of months.

Alex @ Proof in the Pudding said...

thank you for this post, I indeed am very curious about Costco but I going to have to keep my curiosity at bay until the grand opening crowds die down a bit (I hate crowds, thats why I dont do the easter show anymore). Wonderful stuff! Looking forward to the next installment :-)

Caylee said...

great post courtney! I was gonna go today but when my friend said she was in the checkout for 2 HOURS!!! i decided i can wait til next week. Super exicted!!

FoodMuster said...

Not too surprised about 2 hours!! Its here for good, so plenty of time to enjoy the bargains! I would also choose frozen goods last when its busy:)

Charne said...

thanks courtney, very interesting post. looking forward to extra pics

Jared MILDENHALL said...

Thanks for doing this Courtney. As usual - going the extra mile.

Anonymous said...

Bananas for 11.49 is still cheap compared to $17 at my local fruit shop! Thanks for the preview, that was really interesting.

Lauren said...

oh no, I just commented on Digital Parents about this LOL! Fantastic reviews of Costco though. I am a devoted Costco 'fan' myself :) 30 large eggs for $4.99, yesireee!

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