Who Am I

My name is Courtney. I love food and I love to cook, make people laugh, be as creative as possible and parent my brood of 5 kiddos. In Jan 2016, my life took an interesting turn when I fell unexpectedly pregnant with baby number 5. My eldest was turning 15 that year and my youngest had just turned 7. How on earth do I take care of a newborn baby? 
So far I have managed to make it work, but I stopped blogging and put a lot of things on hold. Adam, was born with surfactant deficiency. This is a life threatening condition where the lungs don't make the natural substance, surfactant. This substance lubricates the walls of the lungs so that they don't stick together when breathing. Babies develop this naturally in the womb around 36 weeks. Most babies with this condition are born prematurely, but Adam was almost full term at 28 weeks.  Adam spent 2 weeks in stage 3 NICU. I think the hardest thing was when the doctor told us they had done all they could do and it was up to his delicate body to do the rest. It was emotionally draining. But thankfully, his body caught up and created its own. He is a miracle baby in every sense of the word. He is a super happy baby that brings a lot of joy into our lives.
This blog was once called, FoodMuster. Now that my life has changed, rather dramatically, I have changed the title to Making Motherhood Fun because this is my goal in life. Outside of motherhood, I am a primary school teacher. I hope you like what I share here. 

I am contactable via email, makingmotherhoodfun(at)gmail(dot)com. 


james lochead said...

Welcome to madness... Like having a pacojet sat in your kitchen.

The Hotmix pro is awesome can''t wait to get one... to do stupid stuff with.

Veronika said...

Hi Courtney,
my name is Veronika and I live in Germany (no perfect English). I don't know if you still have this site but I just wanted to tell you that finally after 2 years of thinking I bought myself a Thermomix. A original model. The price is heavy, even for us here in Germany or Europe but now after only 14 days of cooking with my TM31 I know it was the right decision for me. It is in daily use, it is enough for 4 grownups, recipe's without end even online/ plus online videos. I cook daily with fresh ingredients (we have veggie markets here once a week plus supermarkets etc.)then all the things I can create and cook without all that chemical stuff you find in foods (alcohol, sugar, maltose, dextrose, glutamate, flavour enhancer and many more...Germany/Europe has heaps more health rules and food allowance rules (some are silly too, though, grin). I love my TM 31, all I need is a power circuit, I can carry the pot (also full) with one hand, all pieces can be put in the dishwasher, the parts are made from stainless steel and not plastic, warranty is generally only 2 years in Germany, Vorwerk is a very old and traditionally company in Germany, spare parts are easy to get and don't cost the world, no buying pressure or salesman phone calls, visits, a happy family despite the costs (after one year of daily cooking, healthier food and lower power bills the price is evened out). I am happy with my TM31. What did you buy yourself?

Cheers and heaps of hellos from Germany

FoodMuster said...

HI Veronika, thanks for your comment. I still have my HMP, which I am very happy with. I am happy for you and that you are happy with your choice. Thanks again for sharing your story:)

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