This directory represents all mainly independent businesses that I include in my Finds blog post. All businesses are lifestyle related so will include fashion, beauty, craft/handmade, design, home, food etc.  If you would like to be featured here on the list and in a blog post please contact me, renrut22(at)hotmail(dot)com. No charge to be listed here, though please understand I list only at my own discretion. 

Alfie and Olive - Vintage style baby bonnets, Australian

Ankoa - ladies fashion, Australia

Blue Bungalow - ladies fashion, Australia

Bohemian Traders - ladies Fashion, Australia

Boom Shankar - ladies fashion, Australia

Joey Design -  illustrator, stickers, cards, and art, Australian

Kelaoke - ladies jewellery designer, Australian

Little Leather Shop - cute baby leather shoes for boys and girls, Australia.

Little Tienda - ladies fashion, Australia

Louise De Masi - water colour artists, Australian

MissyMinzy - original artwork, cards, temp tattoos, Australian

MisterZimi - ladies fashion, Australia

Pepper Ink - Vintage and custom made Temporary Tattoos, Australian

Pure Heaven Naturals - Homemade bath and body range, Australian

The Creative Toy Shop - education toys for kids, Australia.

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