Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Who doesn't love tucking into some good comfort food. I, like so many people out there, love food and best of all, I love food that makes me happy, warm, and nourished. There are so many different foods that I love and love to justify as comfort food. I am a big sucker for some hot chips with chicken salt and if my kids aren't with me(which is rare) a splash of balsamic vinegar. I would consider myself a well balanced comfort food eater. I do love my sweet stuff. I enjoy the good old chocolate, pastries, especially with custard (but not so much the cream!), ice cream, gelato, lollies, you name it. I also love my spicy food. I love a good red, green or even yellow curry. I love mexican with extra jalapenos, and I love a good pasta with chilli paste. So yes, a bit of an all rounder I would say. That being said, for this weeks challenge, I want to introduce to you my latest comfort food obession. These little lovelies are easy to make, not too time consuming and taste sensational. Everytime I make them, I love them and everyone who eats them asks for more!!  I present to you all, Oreo and MintSlice truffles.

I will admit, that I have borrowed the idea from Bakerella's recipe for the cake balls. I have used that for my inspiration for the mint slice truffles and I have previously done TimTam truffles and Monte Carlo truffles. Basically, you could use any favourite biscuit you want. The best part about these lovelies, is that the ingredients you need are pantry/food storage items. I know you don't put cream cheese in the pantry, but it does have a long shelf life in the fridge. So you can purchase it on special and use it later down the track and they are prefect to make for presents, parties, or last minute gatherings, or unexpected guests.  Anyway, the recipe is as follows:

2 packets of Mint Slice biscuits(or biscuit of choice)
125g of cream cheese light or original its up to you
250g of milk/dark/white chocolate

Break up biscuits in food processor and process until biscuits are resemble bread crumbs

Add the cream cheese and process again until all is combined and mixture is moist.

Refridgerate for 1/2 an hour.
Then roll the mixture into little balls and put on tray with baking paper on it.

The above pic was the oreo mixture, I forgot to take a pic of the Mint Slice ones. They kinda look a little bit like kangaroo droppings, don't they! LOL

Melt chocolate. I do this by using my microwave. On high for 1 minute, stir. Then 30sec and stir and another 20-30secs and stir until smooth. 
*Note: I found with the white chocolate, I had to add a bit of hot water to make it smooth.

Take each ball of mixture and dunk into melted chocolate, coat and put back onto baking tray. Repeat with each ball then refridgerate until set. Enjoy!

PS.This is for my BLogThis challenge no. 32 and because I wanted to blog it anyway!!


E. said...

Ummm... I can feel a trip to the shops to buy cream cheese coming on.

They look yummy!

Amy xxoo said...

I gotta go get ingredients for a quiche for dinner - i may aswell pick up some Caramel Tim Tams and some milk chocolate and give this a shot too!

Lori said...

Yuuumy... thanks for sharing!

Sidthegnomenator said...

These look fantastic! I'm not so good eating the comfort food (I leave that to my boys) but I do like the making of them. Nothing better than a freezing cold sunday afternoon in the kitchen making a slow cooked beef stew and an applie pie for afters.

FoodMuster said...

Yummy, I love a good stew and apple pie too! BTW Sid, I like your blogs:) said...

Oreo truffles = YUM! I wish my mom made these when I was growing up!

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