Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am so happy that I got a special mention from NotquiteNigella on the BlogThis challenge no.32 that I entered. Congratulations to Amy Wells who won judges choice and meandering bad mother who won members vote.  Its just exciting to have Lorraine Elliot check out  my blog and read it!!! Thanks to all who have peeped at my blog, read through, and made comments it makes me so happy to see people take the time out and view my little place on the web.
I have changed my title to my website name. If you go to you will see the "coming soon" title. I am yet to get my very busy hubby to connect the blog to the domain, thats the first step for now. 
I am sure you are probably thinking, "why can't she just do it?" My answer, however sad it may sound is, hubby is a computer nerd (a hot one I have to say), and he can do it in minutes while it would take me a whole day to work it out! So hubby it is!!!
We both are very busy and my spare time at the moment is taken up with my son's birthday party which will be happening this weekend. I do intend to blog about it because I have had some amazing bargain experiences. I wish I had the time to make some great culinary master pieces for the food but for one I don't have time and two, 7 year old boys couldn't care less what the food is, so why bother!!! Anyway I will catch you up on that later.

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Kellyansapansa said...

Congratulations on your mention - I thought your entry was really good.

My hubby-to-be is a hot nerd too!

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