Friday, June 10, 2011

Sydney Good Food and Wine Show Giveaway

As I totally lurve my food I totally lurve this show! I have been going to the GF&Wine show for ages, I think I have only missed a couple. Some of you know that I won a competition that was run by Lastminute, and I scored free tickets to the Melbourne show and also I met Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris. It was a totally awesome experience and I highly recommend you see their celebrity show at the Sydney show if you go. Its like a Master Class and this time you get to smell the aromas not just see them and wished you had smello-vision. I love the show so much I figured I should do 4 lucky people a giant favour and giveaway some tickets to this year's event. This way, you can spend some extra money and do one(or more) of the classes like, the Cheese Matters Discovery class, the Fisher and Paykel Celebrity theatre, Victor Churchill Butchery Class, Adora Handmade chocolate class, or for the wine enthusiast the Riedel Decanter Bar session.  One of the main reasons why I like going to the show is to taste test new products that are out there and in particular the smaller food companies that make such awesome food and are trying to reach the masses. It is us, the people who can ask our local supermarkets, or delis to carry these products and help the smaller buisness get their awesome products out there and grow the Australian influence in the food and grocery market.

 So what do you have to do?

1. Become a follower if you want
2. Leave a comment telling me one of your favouritist meals.
3. Like my Facebook page, which you can do by clicking the button to the right and you will get an additional entry, leave an extra comment saying you have liked me. If you have already 'liked' my page then leave an additional comment saying so and it will earn you an extra entry.
4. Giveaway closes Sunday 19th June Midnight AEST.
5. I will announce the 4 winners on my blog on Monday 20th June in the evening. I will do my best to contact winners, but it will be up to you to come back and check if you are a winner. If no contact can be made to a winner within 3 days. I will redraw for another winner.
6. The prize is a ticket for ONE adult entry worth $29.50 and I have 4 to giveaway.
7.Winners must have an Australian address. The show dates are 1st -3rd July 2011.

Good Luck to all!

I would like to thank the people at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, for providing these tickets, you rock!!


N.A.D.I.A said...

Oh please please please let me win! I haven't been ever!!! I don't know anyone that ever wants to go with me so I don't want to look like a loser when I rock up talking to myself about how wonderful everything is! :) Those classes look awesome.

Tanya said...

one of my favouritist meals: a few years back, a friend and I decided to get out of our 'meat and three veg' past and live a little.. in such a fantastic city like sydney.. where food and culture was so mixed and varied, we knew we were missing out.. so we promptly booked a degustation menu night at award winning Tetsuya's - I'm not usually brave in my choice of food, I definately have a comfort level, but I made the vow this one night I would EAT everything.. even things I could not identify.. being traditional japanese.. you can imagine that there was a LOT I could not identify.. it stands out as one of the most amazing evenings of my life.. the tastes, smells, food I had that night will stay with me for a lifetime :) I would like to go to the show to continue that 'brave' education of my palate.. to try, smell, experience all the produce, recipes, new products out there.. and start to realise food can be an adventure.. not just sustenance :) I would like it even better Courtney if you came with me.. to educate me a little on some of the amazing things you have learned and I see in this blog!!

Tanya said...

I LOVE this blog.. not just like.. I find infinite amounts of wisdom in here.. those cake bombs.. mmmmmmmmm... it is a fantastic blog.. love how you share about food storage as well.. hard being a latter day saint woman.. even harder to not know the first thing about this essential 'wisdom' from the prophets... love, love, love your blog Courtney

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

You should add this to the competition link up at Three Lil Princesses and Tina Gray {dot} Me :) (Not my state or I'd enter)

Lynda said...

I'd give it a go:)

Angelicals said...

Courtney, I would love to go - never been either. Frankly the idea of going alone is not as awful as it sounds! Lol!
So my most favourite meal ever - ... hard to decide... so many....
um.... the winner is....
wow... this is hard -
Dinner at the Sheraton is always nice, and dinner at the Shangri La is good too. Funnily, whenever my hubbyl and I slip away for a day or two into the city - we end up at the David Jones Food Hall Noodle bar. I know - nothing glamorous - but always fresh and yummy and they make a VERY good laksa.
I loved the Tetsuya post - that's on my list for this year!
Thanks for organising such a great prize!

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