Friday, April 16, 2010


When I have said the word Egg powder, most people say, " Oh that sounds kinda gross!" Well, yes in a way it does sound kinda gross, but when you look into it, its a really great way to have eggs on hand but last all year round. I hadn't heard of egg powder until a friend told me about it. My first thought, was cool, I want some. I looked online to see if there was anywhere close by that sold it. I found a place in Melbourne and they referred me to a company in western Sydney called Talsar. You can only purchase in a 15kg bag, and I am currently purchasing a bag with several people going in on the bag. I am hoping to have this by the end of next week, fingers crossed (been a few delays and school holidays have got in the way!). If you are interested, just let me know, I do have a bit of excess.
It seems a lot of bakeries make use of egg powder and you can get whole egg, egg white and, whole egg with sugar. I particularly like the egg white powder because there is no issues with cracking eggs and seperating and then working out what to do with the egg yolks. I use my egg powder for baking and I tend to use fresh eggs for dinners. For each 1kg of whole egg powder you get approx 80 fresh eggs (59g), which is pretty amazing and great to know you have these on hand all year.  Here is a recipe that makes use of the egg powder, but basically, anything that has fresh eggs, you can use the egg powder. I wouldn't concern yourself with making scrambled eggs or anything like this.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

2 cups plain flour
2 cups milk
Egg powder - 1tbspn + 1 tspn
75mls water to hydrate egg powder
1/4 cup sugar
baking powder - can't remember amount, will post it when i find recipe!
dash salt
Handful choc chips - or more if you want!

Mix all dry ingredients. In seperate bowl mix egg powder and water a little.  You can also add egg powder straight to bowl and add water and milk together. Add egg and milk to dry ingredients and gently mix until all combined. Fold in choc chips.

 Cook on pan as you would any other pancakes. Flip when bubble appear.
Then add ice cream and maple syrup (I'm half Canadian, its in my blood to add Mayple Syrup!)

Or whatever takes your fancy!

The good thing about egg powder is you can make up a mix with the dry ingredients and store in an airtight container all year round and add wet ingredients when you want to make it up, kinda like the shaker pancake bottles you get in the supermarket, but its your own and its cheaper!

Now to the juicy stuff! I believe so strongly in the good works of egg powder that I am giving away 250g to a lucky follower! If you have never tried and would like to give it a go, then now is a good time to get it for free. I will post to anyhere in Australia. I can't send overseas, sorry. You will get the conversion chart to hydrate your egg powder and how to store it. This amount of egg powder equates to approx 20 eggs, yes, so you will get some good use out of it. 
All you have to do is follow me if you don't already and comment to this post and tell me your favourite recipe that has eggs in it. I will randomly choose someone who has commented and is also a follower of my blog. You can tweet about it if you want. I will leave this open until Friday 23rd April. Good Luck:)


Lucy said...

I am off to hunt some of this egg white powder down. Thank you!

Brenda said...


Will get back to you on the recipe.=)

Mhel said...

i agree that sometimes its okay to use convenient products like this. Like when making caramel flan, when you only have to use egg yolks. what a waste..

amelia said...

ooh I've never heard of egg powder before!
I just got a nice french cookbook called "i know how to cook", i've pretty much only been making sweet recipes with eggs in it, like eggs in snow :) Its meringues poached in sugar and milk, then you use the sugar/milk and the left over yolks to make a custard. Then you make a caramel sauce to go on top. Its so yummy :)

FoodMuster said...

Amelia, that sounds like a good recipe especially since you can use the whole egg and not be stuck on what to do with the yokes.Let me know if you blog about it or at least, I would love the recipe:) Thanks for your comment and good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of egg powder but the egg whites powder sounds like it would be good for my diet without wasting yolks.

john said...

Mmmmmmmm...... Egg powder :-)

Cinda said...

Thats so handy to have in the kitchen. 250g=20eggs! The space you save on storage and no more eggs in the fridge.
The pancakes look so good. I'm so happy to find another foodie. I have a food blog

Wendy said...

I am interested in purchasing 1 kg of whole egg powder preferably in the Sydney area. We are sailing across the Pacific in 2011 and will not be able to get fresh eggs in many places. Can some one help me!

FoodMuster said...

WEndy, If you want to contact me I would be happy to help you out. I tried clicking your name but I could not access your account this way.

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