Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I got an e-mail from Esme Bell who takes care of the Co-op Stop for western sydney about a sargent pies outlet. Here are the details:
Open early this Saturday morning at Roper Rd Colyton
Boxes of pies around $16
Boxes of sausage roles $16.50
Turkish bread $7
Bread Rolls $7
I am not sure what early means but maybe 7am would be a guess. I will endeavour to find out more info but if anyone decided to go, let us in on what its like.

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Ezzy said...

Sargents Pies are open to the public the first Saturday of Every Month. They serve on a ticking system, some people will go there and collect their ticket at 5am with the gates opening at 7am.

The risk is the later you go, increases the likelihood of them running out of what you want. We normally go at around 6.30am and are home by around 9am. It is well worth it. Where can you get pies for 40c not to mention the turkish bread and bread rolls.

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