Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Curious about Costco? Part 2

So it seems you are all still curious about Costco and as promised here is my second installment. I was told that sales for the opening day reached $1.3M! How amazing is that? I drove past Costco late Saturday afternoon as I was returning home from a women's conference at Home Bush and the traffic was pretty congested and the foot paths were crowded with poeple and their full trollies. The only upsetting site was Costco trollies scattered up and down Parramatta road as far the Silverwater Rd intersection:( Anyhoo, lets get back to what's hot at Costco. I would also love to hear from anyone who has actually been to the store. I have talked to many friends, but I think reader would love some comments from those who have been to the Sydney store and what purchased.  Personally, I will be going if not this week, then next for sure.

You can get more than just groceries at Costco.

 Kitchen Aid mixer $699

Business Shirts

A great selection of books, especially Cook books that are alot cheaper than RRP.
There is also a great range of all different types of non-grocery items. From top brand clothing to towels, outdoor furniture, toys, camping gear, TVs, cameras, expensive jewelry, kitchen ware, to name but a few things. You can also get your vision checked and purchase glasses and print up your photos. 

Now back to the groceries!!

i purchased one of these from the Melbourne store and it last me almost 12months!
Have you tried a Smooze? My kiddies love these ice blocks. The look like a mini Sunny Boy but they don't have an artificial colours or flavours or preservatives and the main ingredient is coconut milk. At the regular supermarkets they range in price from around $6-$7 down to $4-$5 depending if they are on special or not. As for me, I tend to purchase them on special, but my last trip to Melbourne Costco, I  purchased the box and my kids loved me forever!!  They are a great snack for after school or for dessert especially in summer.
 This is a great bargain! 24 x 250ml poppers for $1/each! I usually only get these on special $3 for 3 which is the same as the price abova, however, they don't often go on special at the supermarkets. I can rely on this price regardless of when I go.

Now lets head to the freezers and fridged goods.

These look so yummy! I would get these for a special occasion or for a party. I have seen these in smaller quantities at specialty fruit markets and they cost a lot more than this price!!
Again, for me, this is a treat! I wouldn't purchase this everytime I go to Costco, at least I don't think I will;) If you are a having a get together with your girl friends, a mothers group, friends for dinner or a special occasion of some sort, these are an affordable addition to your table. These are about the same size as ones I have purchased before at the David Jones food court in Sydney CBD. They're sold for $1.85 each but if you purchase these from Costco they will set you back less than 60c/each! A lot easier than making them for sure!!!

I have a lot more photos to share with you but, I can't stay up late tonight:( I will leave you with a picture of me and VJ who is in charge of the cashiers. He is a lovely man, very friendly and willing to help in anyway he can, I really believe him when he said this. He seems to love his job, and why not? I am sure if you have been already he will be a familar face and if you are yet to go, you will recognise him quickly.

We are holding our refillable drinks in one hand and our creamy chicken bakes in the other!!!

There will be one more instalment with more pictures of things to look out for. I have had fun writing these posts and thanks to all who have read the first instalment and for those who have left comments.


Anonymous said...

Love reading this! Im off to Costco today! Excited to see and taste everything costco has to offer. Thanks for sharing your experience! Love your blog!

Anje said...

*drool* shame they don't have one in Queensland.. Here's hoping! I can only imagine how cool this place is- I love Aldi heaps- this has to be way better!

Anonymous said...

Where's part 3!!!????

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