Go Blog Hopping

There is no better way than to get your blog name out in the world than to blog hop...well I think so anyway. I started blog hopping about 3 years ago and more than anything I think its fun and the perfect way to find new blogs to add to you lists. The main way I discover new blog hops that become regulars for me is Googling 'Blog Hops". Over the years I have come across blogs that list all times of blogs for every day of the week. You may also come across blog groups who begin blog hops within the group and community. If neither make sense, or you don't want to do the work and want to be fast tracked in some direction, then you have clicked on the right page! I will add to my blog hop list as I discover them or as they come to me. Good Luck and have fun blog hopping!

A Mommy's Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

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