Friday, June 12, 2009


As I am clearing out my house making space and room for my food storage, I am keeping my sense open on ways to keep food. For the mums out there who purchase infant formula, these are great for storing flour, pasta, chocolate chips, basically anything that is dry. Glass jars are also good for storing things like popcorn kernals, spices etc. These aren't really new ideas but really just a reminder of how you can recycle items you already buy and make them useful around the home. Here are some more storage solutions:

Dianne Moller has some great food storage solution containsers.
They look like large plastic pill bottles. They are opaque white and you can write the contents and date on the bottle. The bottles can hold 3 1/2 cups of rice and are good for other items for long term use. Cost is $5 for a box of 156. When you want to use the rice for example you tear away the strip, like a cream bottle. The lid can go back on but the contents will need to be used soon, it won't be long term protected.

Big W has a sale of 30% off plastic food storage range which includes DEcor, Tell Fresh and Sistema until the 24th June.

I will also be passing around the list for the cadbury chocolate buttons. The list is for milk,dark,and white buttons which are all quality chocolate, not compound. Buttons are bigger than chips but smaller than melts. Purchase by the kilo and the costs are on the sheet. They store well, and will store longer if you freeze them in a zip lock bag.

Speaking of freezing items, a tip I picked up from the last welfare enrichment was to freeze(over night) flours and rice before you store or use them as this process kills any traces of weevels and other micro organisms which are present - talk about piece of mind!

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