Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have been soooo busy, I can't wait for school to be over with!! But I will miss my students and seeing my great work colleagues over the summer! Awww didn't that sound nice!!  I've been trying to work out what to do over the summer. I have a few things up my sleeve but I was sitting with my daughter this evening checking out some movies she has requested to put on her Itouch and I realised, I have not seen a movie in such a long time, its rather scary! I have seen some movies on TV, like repeat ones or ones for the kids, but I have not been to the movies since Feburary, when a friend had his 40th at the Gold Cinemas. Man, do I sound bad or what? It sounds like I won't see a movie unless its for free!! Na, not really, but I just don't seem to make time in my life for movies or going to to the movies.  So I have decided to make this summer a time to check out some flicks I have not seen (obviously there are many) and do some movie watching. 

I loooved movies as a kid and even a teenager and every school holidays I was at the cinemas with friends, or a sibling or two, or even on my lonesome. Don't awwww me, I didn't mind being on my own, I actually liked it!  But movies were a big part of my life. Now, movies aren't as big. I have other things in my life and on my mind before I can consider a trip to the movies or purchasing a DVD. Actually talking about a DVD, they don't last long in my house. If I purchase one, it has to be monitored at all time by moi and if I don't it will fall into the dirty, sticky hands of one of my chidlers and I may never see it again until I am cleaning out their room and find it all nestled on either old banana or something that just smells bad and all scratched up. So, we don't really have DVDs much in our house!

So I have been checking our Youtube for some trailers of good movies and I'm a liken what I see. However, if you feel there is some totally awesome movie that you think I must see, then please let me know.  I am aiming for at least 5 movies but really hoping for 10. I'm hoping if I keep it to mainly PG, then I can get some movie watching in while my kids are around and when they are off to bed, I am hoping I can squeeze in at least 2 or 4 over the whole summer with my husband. Now, you maybe thinking why am I only aiming for 2? My husband works a lot and has other commitments for church so, he is often home late, too late for me to stay up and then watch a 2 hour movie. Its true! Maybe I should have said we never have time for movies because we use our spare time catch up on that 'other' part of our relationship..hehehehe!! Blush!!!

Anyway, I will check back and see if any of you have suggested a good flick or two and I will  post reviews of the flicks I do watch and let you know what I think of them.  I  will also be blogging a little more often to about my regular food stuff too, so be sure to check in more often. I am also intending to head to the movies more often in 2011 too. So I hope there are some great flicks coming our way next year.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your lives wherever you maybe.

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