Friday, December 17, 2010


I have had friends and family tell me about this meat market down in Pendle Hill. I have put off going for a while as I thought it would be annoying to get to, now I am kicking myself! The first time I went was a couple of weeks ago as I had to pick up sausages and ham for a church Christmas party. I was a bit annoyed, as again, I thought it was going to be annoying to get to, but as it was for Church I made myself go. It was a Saturday at 12 noon and the place busy bees at a hive! We had an order thank goodness which made it easy. But I had a peek at the prices and couldn't believe my eyes, no wonder it was packed! I did not have the time that day to purchase for myself, so made the trip this morning. It opens around 8am and I got there about 820am and it was not as packed as I first went but still plenty of people there. I got enough meat to last me, I would say close to 3 months - so I am totally hoping there are no thunderstorms this summer that will cut the power out for a day!!! They also sell wholesale frozen foods like vegetables, chips, wedges, seafood, pies and sausage rolls etc. They also offer deli meats, cheeses, a small range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Its well worth a trip for the meat at least. I will list the items I purchased, which is just pinch of their wide range. I won't add amounts I purchased, its just a guide of what I remember the prices being, I also can't find my recipt;(
Chicken Breast - $7.99/kg
Chicken Marylands - $14.00 for 2 kg
Pork Snitzel - can't remember price
Diced Lamb - $18.99/kg
BBQ rump steak - $12 for 2 kg (special for the day)
Chicken wings - $2.50/kg
chicken drumsticks - $6 for 2 kg
Lamb mince - can't remember i think it might be $6.99/kg
Pork Mince - can't remember
Short Cut bacon - $10/kg

I also wanted to highlight the next item. The thick pork sausages which have 82% meat and NO PRESERVATIVES! Its so common these days to get sausages in the supermarket that have preservatives in them, so it was refreshing to find a sausage with a high meat content and only spices and water as the other ingredients.

I also got some salt and pepper calamari which my kids love and it was only $14/kg and some chicken pops around the same price for a kilo bag. I just have to say that it is so nice to buy things like this by the kilo and not in the amounts in the supermarket.  At the supermarket the calamari I think comes in 350-400g or something ridiculus like that and its around $7-9 and about $6 for chicken pops. The chicken pops I bought are 100% breast meat too!

So basically, I had fun! I enjoyed shopping there because I knew I was getting enough to cover my family for a while and I would not have to be going back there next week or even next month! I love places like this, which is why I am so looking forward to have COSTCO, not far away when it opens next year in june/july.

I suppose I should mention that I have 4 kids and a husband to feed. We have 3 boys and 1 girl, so need I say more, as to why we need so much food in our house!!!

If you have a good meat wholesaler near you, wherever that might be. I would love to hear from you so I can spread the word. We all need to know where we can save money on our food, as prices just seem to keep going up!

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Hungrigyrl said...

You got some great deals! I need to find out if we have a meat wholesaler, I have never even heard of that before. We have actually cut down on meat quite a bit because of the economy and also environmental issues. But I'm not going vegetarian any time soon, and my husband surely NEVER will. :) Have a great week and holiday!

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