Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Tis a very sad moment in ones life when you think it would be funny to wish yourself a happy birthday on your blog!!!  I suppose I've got to a point in my or 'that' point in my life where I don't really care about how most people will view this! I say most, because there will always be someone who will get to you in some way and make you think for at least a few minutes, " Why would they say that?" or " What did they mean by that?". With that in mind, I will still go ahead and wish me a very happy birthday because I deserve it and so does everyone else who is born a day after Valentines.

I got a brand new King Size bed for my birthday. I am very happy with my gift and it doesn't bother me that I will be sharing this gift with my amazing husband, well he helped pay for it so its only fitting that he gets to use it too. My husband took the day off yesterday and I have to tell you, I was in heaven spending a whole day with just him and no whiners in toe!! Hallelujah for school and daycare! I got to walk around Chatswood going into any shop I wanted, choose whatever I wanted for lunch and dessert. I am not sure what it is about me, or if it is something that comes with motherhood but for at least the last 11 birthdays (our eldest child is 11) I have not really wanted for anything amazing or super out there for my birthday. What I mean by that is all I am really content with, is a clean house, that was not cleaned by me, dinner not prepared by me, and a massage not given by me! It's pretty simple but really if you make it simple its more likely to happen. I have not really demanded expensive gifts, in fact I tell my husband not to spend too much on me. Though there are times when he completely ignores my requests and spoils me with something amazing - those are the times when I am happy that he doesn't listen to me!!

As mums, we sacrifice a lot for our precious children and make pretty much all of our decisions and choices around the benefit of our family. So I don't think, well for me anyway, that its selfish of me to ask for at least one day a year where I think for myself, choose for myself, and live for myself. Also the added bonus for me is to have a day away from my kids too. I think this last request should actually happen more than once a year, but if you can only manage once a year then grab it and don't ever let it go! You will be so much better for having a day to yourself, it will help you realise how much you love your kids.


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Grace said...

Happy birthday! There are two other bloggers who happen to be celebrating their special day today too!
(Catherine from Cup of Tea and a Blog and Emily from Have a Laugh on Me).
A King size bed sounds awesome! Enjoy snuggling in it with your lovely husband! :)

Ai Sakura said...

Happy birthday to you! Yeah today is a really popular day to be born :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

The Kids Are All Right said...

Happy birthday! It's my birthday in a few days and I've been stuck for suggestions too when people ask me what I want. I don't want for much at all! Well, nothing affordable :)

Mrs BC said...

Happy Birthday to you! How fabulous to get a new bed for a birthday present. You will need to buy some new linen to go with it.

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