Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick and Effective Workout routines

I have so many people coming up to me and complimenting me on my body and asking me what I do to achieve this amazing physique....NOT!! Haha, if only I could say that were true, but I might be too worried what you might think of me if I was bragging about things like that. I suppose if I worked so hard and lost heaps of weight it could be seen as help rather than a brag. Anyway, I can't say that I have lost heaps of weight but I am happy to report that I have actually lost weight and I have managed to keep that weight off for a number of weeks now. Once upon a time I used to tell people that my fat was suffering from separation anxiety!! If ever I would finally lose it, it would not take long to find its way back to my body and stick to me for weeks to come!!  Jokes aside, the only thing I can really narrow this issue down to was my eating. I was eating far too much in portion sizes and the kinds of foods I would choose. Being a lover of food and cooking, and being a little too obsessed with Pinterest, doesn't always help either!

My philosophy has come to be, slow and steady wins the race. It just has to be or I will not win the race. I have done the 'work my butt off' to get the results, but the results didn't stay long because I got exhausted and I really didn't want to get back into the sweat dripping routines. A friend recently showed her weight loss on FB and I inquired about what she did to lose the weight. She told me she kept to 1200 calories per day and exercised 1 hour a day 6 days a week. Wowzer! I can see why she lost it, a 1 hour work out 6 days a week is a real commitment - one I am not too good about keeping :( That being said, I decided to take on the 1200 calorie a day commitment and I download My Fitness Pal onto my Iphone. I do recommend this with some exceptions. It doesn't have all food options in it, and if you make your own food, you have to add the ingredients one at a time. I don't always have the time for that, so I just make an guesstimate. I don't use this app every single day, well not anymore. I think after using it for a couple of weeks it basically taught me to be AWARE of what I was eating and the portion sizes too. It also taught me that exercising, whatever I could do was always worth it, especially if I wanted to eat a little something 'naughty'. It's also good to use as a reference for foods you aren't sure about as well. Thankfully,  I do feel as though my food choices are back on track.

 As for exercising. When I was 17 (don't we always love to remember this time!!) I exercised all the time and loved going to the gym and I liked Boxersize best. It was the best workout and it made me feel great. I loved basketball and netball, and I was always thinking of the next exercise or activity that would help me keep fit.  However, over the last 17 years and 4 kids later, my likes have altered a little and I no longer live for that kind of work out. My body has changed and something like that makes me feel like having a nap!! My hip and my knees aren't in the best shape and really I have to be conscious of doing things that I really like and will want to keep doing. I have tried lots of things, Zumba, Brazilian Butt Workout, Pilates, Gym, BodyRock TV, Gillians Micheals, and an array of others that I can't really remember, but you get the drift that I have given things a go. What I want to share with you today, are the workouts that I have stuck to for the past couple of months and I am confident I will keep it up alternating with other activities. When I am not walking this is the workout that keeps me going:

First 10mins: Victoria Secret 10 min Workout

This is a good workout if you don't have a lot of time or you don't want to spend too much time on a workout. I find it leaves me puffed and I actually do push myself with this. In the beginning,  I couldn't keep up with the the instructor, now I can and I keep really low with the leg workouts even when it really hurts - the good hurt!!

Second 10mins: Standing Ab Workout with Gennifer Gilardi
I used to do a Gennifer Gilardi dance workout which I really liked. I just got out of the habit and I passed on the DVD to my niece. As for the this workout - who knew you can blast your abs standing up? I love this because I want to keep my abs strong but I always hated getting on floor. Its a fun and only 10 mins. 

Last 10 mins: Yoga stretch

This last video I got from BodyRock TV about a year ago but I can't seem to locate it anymore. I know it off by heart so I haven't needed to refer to it for some time now. Basically its a 10 minute workout that goes through various Yoga stretches that help you with your fitness and flexibility. Lets just say I couldn't touch my toes before I started this nor could I touch my toes in a seated position, now I can. I think any kind of Yoga or Pilates is a good way to go. Its really good for your body and it strengthens you in more ways than you ever thought would be possible. I actually would like to incorporate Yoga into my regular workout, but I want to go to a class because its always best to have an instructor there making sure you are doing everything right.Anyway, until that happens I will pick up what I can.

When I am not doing the above workout, I am walking and building myself up very slowly to jogging. I want to be careful and not push myself too hard. If I hurt myself I can't exercise and I am likely get out of the habit of exercising in general.  So this is what I am doing. Since Dec last year I am not actually sure of my exact weight loss, because I don't have scales that work at home!! I do know that I have been able to fit into clothes that have been sitting in my closet unworn because I couldn't fit them, so that has been comforting. The other day, I tried on a size lower than I would normally at one of my regular go-to shops and it fit with just a little bit of holding in - normally no amount of holding in would help!! I will endeavour to give you an actual weight update - although the fact I can wear these clothes is really good enough for me!!  My goal for the year is to lose 15-20kg. I have given myself the whole year, because like I mentioned before I want this to be a life long change and I think if I change my habits over time, it will stay that way.I have been wanting this lifestyle change for quite sometime now, I think I am ready to take it on - finally!!

If you are after some heathy life tips, take a look at my Pinterest page titled, HEALTHY. I have come across some great tips on Pinterest.

I'll also add some recipes I have been using to help me along the way. One thing that I will mention is Quinoa, I totally loves this and it works so well in many recipes and its so good for you! I also incorporate linseed meal in a lot of my baking and I will sprinkle it on my cereal if I am not eating All Bran Almond Flakes. Also drink lots of water. I try for 3 L a day. I don't drink much fizz anymore. If I want fizz I tend to drink sparkling mineral water or Diet Coke - but not  as often Diet Coke as I used to!  Most of all, I feel so much better than I used to and people in general who are active and eating well will say the same. So that makes me feel good.

I hope you find something that interests you. I am not an expert in this field, I just have researched things that have interested me and I am passing it on!


Me said...

Thanks for those work outs - I may give them a go especially with all the rain we are having making running a little unpleasant !!!
Have the best day and thanks for sharing !
#FYBF visitor

Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) said...

This is great - I think even I can find ten minutes!

Grace said...

Great clips, thanks for sharing! Definitely useable on a rainy day!

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