Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Cake Pops, the best Eye Candy !

I have not posted a recipe for sometime now, even though I have heaps of posts to do! I recently posted about my daughter's birthday party. I so loved preparing for her party and thinking of cute things to make. I heard about cake pops last year from Bakerella and have so wanted to make some ever since. So I figured this would be a great opportunity to do so.

I followed Bakerella's youtube video on how to make the cake pops. Initally, I made rainbow cupcakes.

However, they came out of the oven a little over baked and cone-head shaped on top. So I decided to crumble these up to make the cake pops. I added Betty Crocker frosting as I had some on hand. I put the mixture in the freezer and then the fridge for the time Bakerella suggested.

I then rolled the cake mixture into balls and then refridgerated again while I melted the chocolate.
I dipped my lollipop sticks into melted chocolate first then into the balls so they stick would cling to the cake ball. I then dipped into chocolate and sprinked chocolate coated popping candy onto the cake pop. Some I also sprinkled coloured sprinkles.

Super delicious and a different way to serve yummy cake!

I used:
1 box Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix
2 satchels of vanilla frosting (the ones you get in the box with the cake)
Food colouring - red, yellow, blue, green.
250g white chocolate - I used Nestle Plaistowe, its the best.
Lollipop sticks, paper ones.
Chocolate covered popping candy and sprinkles to decorate.

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