Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Joesph KONY Famous in 2012

 A couple of years ago, my husband and I watched a film about a child who was abucted from his home, was fed drugs and brainwashed to murder other children and adults and even murder his own family members. It was a hard film to watch, but the hardest thing, was knowing that his actually happens daily in parts of Africa. I can not recall the name of this film right now, but the images I saw and the emotion I felt has never left me.

The man that is behind the real life abductions, murders, and sexual abuse is Joseph Kony. How do I know this? I just finished watching a documentary about it.  I was about to head to bed for an early night and I came across Kony 2012 via a link on NineMSN. Something inside of me, told me I should click the link and see why this mans face was on my computer screen. So I did and 30 minutes later, I am writing this post urging you all to do the same.

The film, Invisible Children, will educate you on the who Joseph Kony is, who Jacob is and his story. Imagine watching your brother die in front of you as his throat is being slit. What got me most, was when Jacob breaks down and cries. I could not help but cry too. His cry was so piercing and you could hear how torn inside he was. He truly did not feel at that point in the documentary that he wanted to be alive it was truly a wordless moment.

Be sure to show your support of the cause of making Joesph Kony famous to bring him down and to be tried as a war criminal. It is beyond me, as to how people can be this evil, but unfortunately they do exist. However, WE exist also and its up to US, the good people all over the world to band together, use the weapons we know best, social media to bring him down. I never realised until now, the power we have at our finger tips every day of our lives to spread the stories of people who suffer so we can make a difference.

The film only takes 30 minutes and it will educate you on what you can do on April 20. So please do as I did, spare the time to watch a documentary that will  make you think about what you can do to help the children who suffer.  As a parent, sibling, auntie,friend, and educator, I see children everyday of my life. I get very protective of children who are mistreated and I do my best to advocate for those that can't.

We are strong in numbers and the good people of the world can make a difference. People  already have and now, I can join them in increasing the fold to bring awareness to this tragic situation. I strongly urge you to watch the film, and be part of painting the town red for  KONY 2012, and bring this man to justice so that his crimes will be stopped and children can once again understand and experience what childhood is really about.

** I have taken the film out as it was taking to long to load my page, please check the links above**

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Anonymous said...

Nasty human being. I just saw this video on facebook. Lets capture this prick.

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