Friday, June 15, 2012

Spotify is so cool!

My husband came home last night and told me about Spotify. To be honest I wasn't really tuned in at first because I was tired. He then played some songs that we both grew up listening to and my curiosity was ignited.  We the proceeded to play the game, who sings this song? It was lots of fun so I asked him where he got all these songs from and he replied, Spotify.

 How cool is this app? When you first download it you get 48 hours to download as many songs as you want for free. You log in using your Facebook account and it can use your details to make song suggestions, which aren't always correct but some are amazingly correct. That being said, you can download almost any song of choice to your account and listen to it offline - once you download it. If you add it to a list you have to make sure you download it to make sure you can listen to it offline. Otherwise its in your collection, but not accessible offline. Spotify can also be downloaded on other platforms, if you go to the website, you can see more informaiton about his.
So what's the catch? Well the free period only lasts for 48 hours. After this trial period if you wish to continue with the premium account it will cost you $12AUD/month.  When you think about it though, $12/month for all the music you want, is really a good deal. If you choose not to pay the $12/month your music is interrupted with advertising. I have been using Itunes to download my favourite music and I have easily spent $144 and I have less than 200 songs. I also hold off from paying for some of the songs I would like to because I know how easily the cost of these singles or albums can add up.

So check it out on your app store, give it a go! I have been hearing non-stop music all morning on all our i-devices in our house! My kids love it, but please be sure to be around them when they are listening or downloading as there are no filters for explicit lyrics or song titles. I have already had to delete some of the choices made, or if a song has started I have pounced on my 11 year old and told her an absolute no-way for that song!

The stats for this app are growing but when we checked it was around 13 million downloaded/users. Can you imagine what this company would be making? Even if only 1 million users paid for premium membership! My hat goes off to those or the one who came up with this idea. I don't think I will be downloading from Itunes for a long time, they will have to think of something to compete. It shall be interesting to see what becomes of this.  Now all I have to do is get my software engineering hubby to come up with something like pressure hun!!!

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