Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bertolli Olive Oils are for sexy people!

What does Extra Virgin, Classico, and Extra light have in common? If you are a foodie then you might have worked it out, if you aren't then I will give you a clue or two. They are all made by Bertolli and one can be used on cold dishes and the other two on hot dishes. I will let that simmer a little in your brain (pun intended however bad you think it is!).

Once upon a time, I thought that you could buy one type of olive oil and it would work with any dish and in any way you needed it to. However, this is not so and I recently discovered there is a better way to make olive oil work for me perfectly in my cooking every time. The smart people at Bertolli have bought out three olive oils and have clearly labelled how each can be used for your cooking.  When I got my oils I put them on my bench top and the sun was shining brightly through the glass bottles which illuminated the liquid so well that I almost wanted to take a swig from each bottle. I managed to contain myself but my mind instantly wandered on how I could use these oils and I didn't want to waste anytime.

That night I cooked up a chicken breast in the oven. I splashed some Extra Light on the base and laid the chicken breast on top. I sprinkled some Masterfoods Tuscan seasoning over the top and splashed over some more oil. I baked this in a preheated oven of 180C for 10mins and the breast over for a further 10mins. It was exquisite. The flavour was subtle but married so well I was licking my fingers and soaking up the juices with bread!

The chicken was just too good, I gobbled it up before I remembered to take the photo of the finished product!As the chicken worked out so well, I figured I would try the Extra Virgin for a salad dressing.

 This is my mixed quinoa salad I made for work. I used:

cooked quinoa
baby spinach leaves
leftover BBQ chicken (optional)
half a Lebanese cucumber deseeded and chopped
tomato chopped
1 stalk of celery chopped in small pieces

Red wine vinegar
Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive oil
Dijon mustard - a small dollop
salt and pepper to taste

Using a container with a lid, place all ingredients in container and secure lid. Shake vigourously until all ingredients are combined and pour over salad of choice. I don't have measurements because I didn't really measure as the salad was just for me. I went by taste. Next time I will try it without the Dijon mustard, but other than this, the oil made it perfect!

So by now you should have guessed  that Extra Virgin, Classico, and Extra Light are all olive oils and the other common thread is that they are from Bertolli. Like me you should now know that your foodie pantries should have three oils,  not just one. Each oil will serve its rightful purpose in making the right foods delicious.

Classico: is best for barbequing and roasting.

Extra Light: best for baking and frying

Extra Virgin: best for salads, pasta sauces and dips.

Bertolli are currently running a competition on their Facebook page. Click on the link to see how you could win $3000 of Westfield vouchers or 1 of 20 antipasto hampers. I'll just give you the "heads up"on what you will find on this page. The commercial may shock some of my more conservative viewers, so just keep that in mind. Its not nudie rudie, but you will see some "cheeky" angles!

For more information on what you can do with the Bertolli range you can check out:


Facebook page:

Pinterest Page:

YouTube Channel:

Good Luck if you choose to enter the Facebook competition and remember if you consider yourself to be sexy then you must be a Bertolli person foodie or not!


Kaz @ Melting Moments said...

Oh, I am a one bottle of olive oil for every dish hot or cold kinda gal. Thanks for the good tips :) I'll be looking out for the different oils now.

Seana Smith said...

Hello, I'm just writing a post about the olive oils too. I didn't realise there were all these types, handy to know as I don't think the fruity one would have worked well int he cake I just made!!

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