Friday, September 23, 2011

More on Thermomix TM 31 vs Kenwood Cooking Chef

I have had a lot of interest on my posts about the above two machines and the most fascinating thing about it all is that I have not purchased either of them nor the Vitamix or anything like it. Why? I have realised that I don't so deperately need it as I once thought. These machines are truly amazing, and I don't want to say otherwise, but really, right now, I can make do without it. That being said, when the time is right (when I have the spare $$) I will most likely purchase myself the Thermomix TM 31.

I really like the concept of the Kenwood Cooking Chef. It weighs, it mixes, it cooks and it can make icecream. The bowl is bigger than that of the Thermomix so the amounts you can make are bigger. However, it does require a fair amount of attachments. The Thermomix is one machine that can do many things except it can't bake, it can't make pasta, and it costs a lot!! Just so you know, I will continue to harp on about the price, because it really is quite excessive. I will note though, a comment was made about how much we spend on other appliances like a washing machine, or a fridge and freezer. This is true to an extent. A fridge is a necessity, and holds heaps of stuff, and not sure of most warranties but at least you can spend a little to extend the warranty. As for a Thermomix, its not a necessity, it can't hold heaps of stuff, and the warranty can't be extended!  While I am on the subject of the warranty, I want to share a little bit of information I have picked up along the way the past year. For those of you who have been tempted, or have actually purchased a Thermomix on Ebay, you will find this most interesting. If you have purchased a second hand machine with warranty still on it, this will mean didly squat to you as the new owner, because the warranty is not transferable! This is correct, you can even ask a demonstratot or Thermomix Australia yourself. Also, if you purchase a machine overseas either via Ebay, or if you or a friend bring one back to Australia, Thermomix Australia can refuse to fix your machine! Intersting stuff, and things you should consider if you have ever thought of purchasing one in this way. At the end of the day though, I have not heard too many horror stories of Thermomixes breaking down too often. A friend who does have a Thermomix was a little disappointed with turn around time for an 'issue' they had with theirs. It was under warranty, but it took a lot longer than they thought it should to fix the machine and have it back in working order and they had to do a lot of chasing up.

If you do happen to need your machine fixed or checked over and its not under warranty, the prices can be rather high, so keep this in mind, or at least question your demonstrator. Ask things like:
" After the 2 year warranty is up and something happens to the blades, how much will it cost to have them replaced. Or if something happens to the motor, how much will it cost?"
The last demonstrator I spoke to(@ Good Food and Wine Show, Melbourne), I asked about a dozen questions. She was very gracious in answering them to the best of her ability, and she did a good job actually. We spoke for almost 30mins, and I think she was rather bummed that she didn't get a sale out of me!

This all in mind, I will keep an eye and an ear out for a second-hand machine. If the person before me has used it appropriately, I don't think I should have to worry about the warranty, it if I can get it cheaper than a brand new one, which I believe is around $1940AUD.

One of my sis-in-law purchased one earlier this year when her kitchen was being renovated and it helped her through this time without her oven. She likes her machine but doesn't like the cookbook that comes with the machine. Apparently its hard to follow, portions are all over the place, and alot of the main dishes are too runny and/or bland. She did however, have an amazing Vietnamese recipe a friend modified for the Thermomix which was so amazing, it made me want a machine right after the meal! She also made some lemonade using whole lemons and that was so yummo!!  From her experience, I would suggest not to rely too heavily on the Thermomix cookbook and expand your horizons to modify your own or check out some blogs and even go to Youtube to see some demonstrations.  Don't limit yourself. I suggest this regardless of what machine/s you use for cooking. Search, read, experiement, cook and then try, try again until its irresistible!!

I have not heard much about the Kenwood Cooking Chef, I would love to hear from you if you would like to convert me!

Do you have a  Thermomix TM 31? Would love to hear from you! Tell me if you are happy with your machine, happy with service, and what you think about the recipe books, or anything else you would like to share:)


Tenina said...

Please let your sister in law know that I have done a gorgeous book for Thermomix called For Foods Sake, and recently (as in today) just spoke to Stewart from Hot Mix Pro who put me on to your blog…I have visited before actually…great concise writing…thanks for all the reviews.

Tenina said...

Please let your sister in law know that I have done a gorgeous book for Thermomix called For Foods Sake, and recently (as in today) just spoke to Stewart from Hot Mix Pro who put me on to your blog…I have visited before actually…great concise writing…thanks for all the reviews.

Anonymous said...

I have a Kenwood Cooking Chef & am glad I didn't end up with the thermomix, these have so much more scope, so many more attachments not to mention the bowl size. These beat the thermomix hands down !!!

Anonymous said...

I have a kenwood cooking chef and they hands down beat the thermomix anyday.

Yes they have all the other attachments but that just makes it all the more versatile.

Melam 76 said...

Kenwood Cooking Chef is fantastic .... I had the Thermomix and sold it for the Kenwood Cooking Chef its fantastic and so versatile. I can make anything with it and it is done perfectly as I can change the tool that I am using so that it is specific for the job rather than just using blades all the time and the only thing that changes is whether they are fast or slow or on reverse. KCC all the way it is astounding !! .. the standard warranty is 12months on the machines external parts but has a 5 year warranty on the motor .. the cooking capacity is 3L while for cold food it is 6.7L

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