Thursday, November 15, 2012

Buy or Make Handmade For Christmas

Most of you know I love handmade. Whether its something I can DO and share with you, or if its something I can BUY and share with you all, I love it!  Christmas is a time for giving, and I think that we are all aware of how commercialized Christmas is faster becoming. Well, I think it always was, but it is becoming more so as we become more materialistic.  How to do we overcome this? I think we need to step back at this time of year and work out what Christmas really means to us. I think we need to work out what kinds of gifts will mean more to our recipients now and in many years to come. In saying that, I think there are a good number of items on a commercial level that can fit this bill, but I think there is a growing number of items of a handmade nature that can fit the bill better and I want you to consider this if you haven't yet.

For me, I like to think about the person who I am buying for and how well do I know them? This can be hard especially if you are in a Kris Cringle for work, but if your gift is for family or friends and you don't know what to give them, then its a good time to think what you can do, to get to know this person better to make your job easier next year!

Buying handmade or making something yourself, makes the gift more personal and you can give something that is unique in style and design. By giving handmade you are communicating to your recipient that you have thought about them in a meaningful way and taken time to consider their present. I also think when it's handmade, unless its edible, it can usually last a while or even forever and it reminds the recipient of who the gift was given by each time they see it.  How easy do you think it would be to throw away a gift you know someone, be it the giver, or the person they have purchased it from, has worked hard to create?  This is something we don't really understand as consumers of commercial goods. We don't always realise what goes into the creation of an item. However, I think when we buy handmade or make it ourselves, we tend to understand it better and appreciate the process and the item more and so would our recipients. Buying handmade also supports individuals, not mass corporations and for me, that makes me feel better knowing I have supported a person who is giving it a go!

So with this in mind, I would like to  spend a few posts over the next couple of weeks sharing with you what I create this Christmas. I also would like to share with you handmade and creative products that I admire, some of which I have purchased for Christmas presents, although I won't specify which ones, in case family and friends are reading! I hope that I can encourage you to think outside the box, and purchase from some amazingly creative people, or inspire you to get a little creative yourself.

LesleyJane Designs

Lesley is a talented designer who makes beautiful bags, purses, and jewellery rolls in a range of designs. I like her work because she uses bright, interesting, and quality fabrics. Her designs are simple, yet versatile.  So that you get to know her on a personal level here are some interesting facts about Lesley.
  • In her past she studied fashion and worked for a British fashion designer
  • After many years she decided to create something under her own name
  • Her bags and purses are made from her own patterns
  • All her bags are one of originals - no 2 bags are the same! 
  • She loves to sew, and while her life gets busier, she will always keep sewing!

While Lesley is located in Great Britain, you can purchase her items no matter where you live via her Esty Store. Postage is reasonable and delivery is prompt.  Here is a taste of her current range.

Me2 Designs
I introduced Melanie last year as a unique Christmas gift idea. I want to re-introduce her because I love her work! Its truly different and she is also doing her bit for the environment by upcycling and re-using spoons and other materials to make her goods. In particular, I want you to take note of her gorgeous Christmas spoon decorations. If you are searching for a decoration, but not an ordinary one, something different and like nothing else you have seen before. I also find that if you aren't sure of what you buy for someone, a unique decoration can always be a good option.  You can find Melanie at her Madeit store or Etsy store.
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Yvette Bowyer said...

what gorgeous things!! have bookmarked your page and going ot have a good lookaround :)


Alicia said...

Love those spoon decorations! Homemade xmas gifts are more personal and significant, it's always nice to get some.

Kylie Purtell said...

I'm a big fan of making gifts but I am just never organised enough.

I love those spoons, s cool!

CraftyMummy said...

Great way to support the handmade community! Sometimes I think people have heard of Etsy but don't realise there is an Australian version on Madeit, so great that you've mentioned it!

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