Friday, November 2, 2012

What's New at A Little Bit Craftsie?

When I'm feeling hungry I make food, but when I'm feeling creative I make hair clips and jewelry. I thought I would share with you my latest creations some of which I sell at my Madeit store. I have been making and selling hair clips for almost 2.5 years now, but I have always been creative in one way or another. I used to make and sell jewelry when I only had 3 kiddies and little more drive for that kind of thing. I haven't made a lot of jewelry for others or to sell for a while, I do make something if I need to complete an outfit or I can't find anything else at the shop or online. Sometimes I make it myself because it costs far too much in the stores, and I know I can make it cheaper. Lately though, my creative mind has been bugging me to actually get back into creating for others and to sell, but this time round, I decided to target a different market. My daughter is 11 and will be 12 before I can blink twice, and I was thinking about the kinds of things she likes. She loves DIVA and LOVISA, like most girls her age, and I don't mind some things they sell. However, the items they sell while in fashion, aren't particularly unique. They are production line, mass produced items. So I thought I would tackle this head on and start by making some bracelets, which I am hoping will be well loved by other tweens. My daughter has given me the thumbs up, which I am very happy about, because like most other 11 year olds, she can be hard to please.  Here are a couple of my bracelets.
This is Hippy Chick

 A Tiffanys Christmas. SOLD

Here are some newly listed Christmas themed hair clips for the younger girls.
All my hair clips and new jewelry lines can be viewed at


Emma said...

how cute!
stopping by from #fybf

Stephanie said...

how clever are those bracelets!

Grace said...

Oh, I am loving those bracelets! They'd be a huge hit with tweens. I wish I had have your creative talent.

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