Monday, November 26, 2012

Handmade Christmas Decorations

My goals to make some handmade Christmas decorations are still in place...but aren't happening yet!! I have the supplies so I have started, but I have to just organise the time and get it moving. I also really want to get some cute gifts going this year. The kind that have a Christmas message that relates to the names of Chocolates or kind of gift! I see these on Pinterest left right and centre and my board is full of pintastic ideas! Over the years I have come to realise that Americans really love their holidays and are so creative with gift giving, its really inspiring.

In the mean time, while I am working out when to start my own Christmas creations, I have come across some more amazingly talented people who make interesting things. As you all know how much I love handmade goods, I want to share with you another talented creature!

Marina has her own Madeit shop called Resinating where she sells her own hand cast resin creations. She makes Christmas decorations, and a range of jewellery that includes but is not limited to necklaces, rings, and earrings. If you are a Lego lover or know someone who is, then you will love her Lego man pendants that are made into necklaces or key rings.

For me, I purchased her Christmas decorations because they were well priced, brightly coloured, unique, and well made. Each set is made up of 12 decorations and cost $12AUD excl postage. The colours are so rich, and they look like lollies...maybe that's why I like them!

I purchased mine for our tree, but they would make great individual gifts for work colleagues or friends.

Do you like a good bunting? It seems to be the 'in' thing at the moment and you come across many that look great, but sometimes there is something missing. When I came across Hot Fudge on Madeit I fell in love with Robyn's Christmas buntings instantly. The bright, stand-out colours are hard to resist, well I bought one so I didn't really resist!!  The bunting is handmade and cost $22 incl postage. I am thinking I should really grab another before they go!  I think I like these buntings because they aren't traditional, yet you know that its Christmas by just looking at them. Hot Fudge is not limited to just buntings. If you have a little girl to buy a gift for this year, then you will fall in love with her divine dresses. They are amazing and the bright and unique materials aren't what one would see everyday. If you like the bunting style, you can also snap up the garlands and pop some colourful shapes in your little ones bedroom, take a look at her Madeit store for her full range.  She also has a  Facebook page and an Etsy Shop.

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