Friday, July 31, 2015

The Bachelor Season 3 Treats - Rocky Road

I'm not sure if you are watching The Bachelor or not, who am I kidding? Most of you probably are! Well I didn't watch last years season and I felt rather lonely in social gatherings and staff rooms when everyone else was discussing the ladies and all the shenanigans. I wouldn't consider this succumbing to peer pressure, as nobody really has put any pressure on me to watch this season, but I decided to start watching it from the beginning mainly just for some laughs and to try and see why these women are on this show. My hypothesis is that pretty much every single one of the bachelorettes  have an ulterior motive. They all want to boost their public image for their online business, film aspirations, modelling careers, or other more note worthy causes but still require a mass boost in publicity to get the project going. Why else would you go on TV and expose yourself to the relentless media and public? For love...whatever!! Oh, dear me, do I sound like a bit of a negative Nancy?? Oh well, I could be proven wrong.

I friend of mine who loves The Bachelor would share here Bachelor treat each week on Facebook. I looked forward to seeing her desserts both healthy and unhealthy. I figured this was one of the bonuses to The Bachelor being on air. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to make or buy and share my Bachelor Treats each week. You'll have to find me on Instagram if I don't have time to post here.

On Tuesday, Episode 1 we munched on Maoam chews which can be purchased at Aldi. I love the strawberry and cola ones the best. Wednesday night was a little more organised and I made my infamous rocky road (kind of fitting). This is no ordinary rocky road in my opinion. I have a precise ratio of dark and milk chocolate which nobody I know can replicate. I also must have quality nuts like macadamias, which is what I used this time round. I also like Allens Raspberries, and yes, they have to be Allens it's as important to me as having Pascall marshmallows. Don't ask me why, just do it and thank me later!!

As for my recap on the last two episodes ( I in no way wish to compete with Rosie Waterland but would still like to share my views).  It seems a lot of the buzz is that Heather, the aspiring film maker is on the cards to be in the final 2 or 3. My view on this is Hippie Heather may crack by the end. She has fallen rather too quickly for this "dude". She is a little too cocky in how she talks about him with the other girls. The irony of this show is that most girls fall too quickly. What is it about women who say they have a game plan, then that disappears as soon as the guy turns up? Though if she doesn't crack from seeing him enjoy himself with other girls she might just end up in the final 3. The best part about this show so far is good old Sandra, or I like to refer to her as Sandragon. She is a rather attractive girl, with great hair and and nice teeth, but once she opens her mouth, the fire is released and all crazy hell breaks loose!!  It is cringeworthy to watch but so entertaining at the same time. I have been a primary school teacher for 13 years and I have never come across a breed of PE Teacher quite like Sandragon!!

From the first episode I had decided that Emily was a favourite. She seemed sweet and quiet, but since the second episode her sweetness is turning ever so quickly into bitterness. She is a cute girl but really has a jealous sting. I hope she stays focused on being the nice girl, I would hate to see her lose her temper with Hippie Heather and lose it altogether.

Amongst the mix are some quiet achievers. Until Episode 2, I had no idea who Madeline was. I was left to question if she was from planet earth as she had never seen nor heard of a Bond Girl nor watched or heard of any of the Bond movies. She has made it though to the next episode though, but I am putting money on her going next rose ceremony.

Like a lot of people, I gun for the underdog and for this season, I do believe that label can be awarded to Jacinda. She is a very funny girl and while she is a little bit loud, she has nothing on Sandragon! I hope she gets to spend more time with Bachie Wood in the next episode and for entertainment value of the good kind, she stays for a couple more episodes. Some of the other girls while they sport pretty faces and athletic figures, Jacinda trumps them in the personality department.

Who Went home?

Poor Tessa, after pouring out her heart about being single for 4 years was not given a rose. Poor girl, I hope she finds love real soon. The Sophie Monk look-a-like was also sent home. I forgot she was there until I saw she was left standing there with the other girls. I have to say though, a random discovery left me with information that Krystal (Sophie Monk look-alike) is also a mum, not just Parmigiana. Sadly we didn't get to her big reveal. Then we have Reshael. The one who wouldn't fight the good fight with Sandragon. Poor girl, if only she snapped a little at Sandragon she may have lived for another episode, but boring people don't stay. Reshael has pretty eyes but she was not suited in anyway to Bachie Wood.

So that is my recap for last weeks episodes. I am getting into this show, perhaps a little too much! Would love to hear what your Bachie treats have been and who you might think Bachie Wood will propose to.

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Bron Maxabella said...

I might even watch The Bach if it meant I could eat rocky road. But, alas, I just can't go there. I can't. x

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