Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Episode 3 The Bachelor Treat and Recap

Tonight's Bachie treat is a little healthier than the last. I'll try to mix it up as best I can be bothered to. I felt like strawberries and bananas so I threw those together with some shredded coconut, LSA(because I'm healthy), some chopped dark chocolate almonds, and a squiggle of caramel fudge sauce. Pretty simple, but super delicious. 

Favourite quotes for tonight's episode were from Emily, you go girl!
"I am not a patient person"
"It's 50:50 if Snesana will get a rose!"

Besides these little gems, tonight was a little slow. Sandragon was not on full game until the end of the night. We need to see her on a single date or a group date of no more than 4 girls. I think it would be totally rocking if Sandragon could be paired on a date with Emily!

So the girls get to choose who gets a 1 on 1 date, how generous is Channel 10? I think it was strategy, or was it the producer's choice to shine a light on, who was it again? Oh yes, Madeline. How was the date I hear you beaming? It was boring as heck! This poor girl has been quiet for a reason. It was boring, it was awkward and Bachiewood's body language was screaming through the TV screen that he wanted it to end sooner rather than later and even more so that he didn't give her a rose. Though the highlight for me was BachieWood offering Madeline something to eat, but Madeline has a good memory and declines as her thinking bubble appears," producer told me say no to food, food is bad, food not good"!

I tell you, there is an underlining conspiracy on this show. Drink all the alcohol you want, but don't eat! So far I have not seen food on display on this show. Where is the food I say?

Parmie scores the first 1 on 1 date as requested by BachieWood himself. They go up in a hot air balloon and drink, you guessed it champers, more grog. Then when they land, they are in a vineyard to drink more alcohol. Though shock horror, we get to see food, well I think it is, it's all blurry and out of focus like and doesn't look touched.  Who cares about the food though the first snog of the season has just taken place and Parmie also gets a rose! It's all happening so fast but I worry for her. She can't fall too quickly as I think he will break her heart well, I could be wrong. Let's face it, it's 50:50 chance he could break her heart.

Hippie Heather is freaking out big time with the discovery that Parmie has returned happy from her date and also has a rose to add more push to the dagger edging toward her heart. Though if BachieWood didn't ask her to use her white rose, would she have? Can we read something into this? Should we?? It seems like BachieWood is using that "friends" word a little too much. I just want to give Hippie Heather a big mammamia hug. She fell into the friend zone very quickly and she's reaching for his hand to pull her into the girl friend zone but I don't think he's there! Think about it people, could you actually picture him kissing her from the beginning? I bet he thought she reminded him of his sister, urgh! Poor Hippie, on the upside, you can write a film about it!

Not heard much from Nina, though she is totally tuned in to this whole affair. I think she is the dark horse and we need to keep an eye on her and remember her name.

#TeamJacinda, while I like her and find her entertaining I don't think she is Bachiewood material. I can't see her kissing him. But I could be wrong, there is a 50:50 chance he could kiss her! 

As for the 20's dinner night, sorry did I say dinner? We didn't see dinner we only saw alcohol. They must pee a lot!! Joni said something about feeling feminine because of what she was wearing and so felt empowered to fix his hair..what on earth are you saying love, what I ask you?  

The Biotches or also known as Emily, QLD girl (not sure of her real name), and that other one,  can't hide their true feelings this evening. Me thinks they are forming the cool girl clique, only cool girls are allowed. The ones who look good because they tell each other they do. They complain they aren't getting time with Bachie but don't want to say that out loud. If they did they would cross the line into the cray cray clique (population 1 which is Sandragon, though one could argue analglands could be included) and would be accepting friend requests from #Sandragon! Sandragon got her limelight just in time before the evening ended. She crashed in on Sarah's personal time with BachieWood. The awkwardness was short and painful, but still entertaining enough to score another rose. Thanks Channel 10.

No surprises with who didn't get a rose. Poor, um...what was her name? The one who doesn't like to eat in front of her man, worries about her makeup and hair too much, yeah that one!

What #BachieTreat did you indulge in? I have a feeling there is another episode tomorrow, well there is a 50:50 chance there could be. I hope I can be a patient person until tomorrow!! 

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