Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lovin' Halloween Decorations 2015

Halloween is over for yet another year. I am so happy Aussie's are starting to really embrace the art of Halloween and trick-o-treating. It really is a lot of fun to have an excuse to dress up and walk around your neighbourhood and get to know people while asking for candy/lollies!! Here is what my house looked like this year.

The paint was purchased because it was "glow in the dark" though it didn't really deliver a good glow, well not as I was hoping it would. I think if I had charged it with a torch directly onto each letter, it could have given a better affect. Most people loved the giant spider. The garbage bag at the front is supposed to be a body bag. From a certain angle, it was close to looking like it should. Not sure if anyone picked up on it, they were too nice and didn't ask!! 

The glow in the dark paint not having an affect at night time:(

I painted the skeletons in the glow in the dark paint too. The eyes show the paint slightly working. The teeth have been doused in glow stick fluid! I got annoyed that things weren't glowing, so resorted to the glow stick fluid to say something glowed!!!

It started to rain a little so Charlie came under the porch to greet the evening trick or treaters. The best compliment of the night was a young couple who sat their baby on the seat so they could get some pictures, and I didn't charge them!!;p

This is our foyer entrance table decorations. 

This was my attempt at a venus fly trap. I saw something on Pinterest that looked awesomer than this. I had such high hopes, but I ran out of time as I got the flu and ran out of patience. Maybe next year! So I guess this is my #PinterestFail.  The cockroaches are fake! Come back in the middle of summer and they won't be!!! 

What did you do this Halloween?

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