Saturday, March 14, 2009

Co-op Stop

The blog run by Suzi Perryman in Normanhurst Ward provides information about food storage and she also organises bulk orders for food supplies. This is a great resource, however I have to note that she limits her food supplies to Australian made and organic only. While I think this is noble, for a lot of us out there, our budgets may not allow for this. But do take a look around her blog for some great information. For people in the Hills area, our contact is Sharon Innis who is in Kellyville 1st Ward. She takes orders for bulk buy items. She lives in Beaumont Hills and I have picked up an order from her in the past. She is super helpful. Her contact number is in the Stake Calendar but I will list her e-mail contact when I get it.
I will be looking into other bulk buy items and I will keep you posted about that. Bishop hobby has a contact in WA which we will also be looking into as well. If anyone has a special request for bullk buy let me know and I will find out what I can. I am researching bulk buy chocolate chips/melts for cooking most places have 5kg bags. When I have more specifics like prices I will post them here.

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