Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Food Sales this week.....

I don't know if you are like me but I always go through my Coles and Woolworths catalogues to checkout the bargains. I am usually a woolworths buyer but this week Coles has some good bargains.

If you are after some bulkbuy choices this is a good week. I checked out the Frozberries website for frozen raspberries as they are my fav. They are about $9.90/kg. However Coles has 1kg raspberries by Creative Gourmet for $10. This is a good price and worth snagging if you like this type of thing.
You can also get:
4L of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $24 (Woolies has a similar special but $27.97 for 4L)
2L of Big Red Heinz Tomato sauce $4
10kg of Jasmine rice $20 ( I am not sure if this is a best buy or not, i have never purchase large bags like this before, but $2/kg sounds good)
Nestle 125g-200g chocolate blocks are $2 (good to put in 72 hr kits)
Cadbury Dark chocolate blocks are $3.50 (good for 72 hr kits)

There are heaps more but these are good buys for food storage.

If anyone knows of a good bargain or a spot special not just food, let us all know by giving me buzz. My e-mail is:

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