Thursday, May 7, 2009


I just spoke to a rep from PFD and got some prices on the items I priced at Campbells. The low down basically is that Campbells is a bit on the pricey side. Here are some of the prices from PFD to compare:

Long Grain SunRice 10kg - $21.50

Plain Flour 12.5kg - $11.50

Heinz Tomato soup 18 tins $7

Cous Cous 1kg $5.95

I will be putting these items down on a form on Sunday and you can put down what you are interested in. PFD can do a whole range of goods, checkout their website which will have a pdf of what they offer. Whatever takes your fancy let know. The only thing I won't do is frozen goods.

I also spoke with a company by the name of King Foods. They do a whole range of food and vege powders. I was able to get some samples of strawberry and raspberry powders which I will bring on Sunday(if I don't forget!) We need to purchase a minimum of 18kg and it seems pricey when you first look at it but when you realise the process that goes into making the powders and how much a kilo of it is, its not that bad. We don't have to do this, its a luxury item so to speak and has a shelf life of 12mnths.

Strawberry powder $78.90/kg
Raspberry powder $88.80/kg

I also asked about Egg powder after seeing Natalie Riley's chocolate chip cookie recipe on her blog. This will be $16/kg.

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