Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Chocolate has arrived!!! My kids went crazy when they saw it: Mum is this all for us? they asked with sweet eagerness!! We wish!!!
Orders will be handed out on Sunday, if you owe any money please bring it on Sunday so I can give you your order.
The next item on my to-do list will be a 3 month storage plan. I will have a rough copy hopefully by Sunday. I still plan to organise an order for Egg powder, I am yet to hear back from the rep from Kingfood about a minimum order but i will chase it up this week. If you are interested in this I was quoted $16/kg. Could you let me know how many kilos you would consider purchasing, as it would give me a guide to let the rep know what approx amount we are interested in purchasing. I would assume you could vaccum seal the powder like you do with flour for storage.
A little birdy has told me that Thrive Food Storage (shelf reliance) might be appearing on shelves in the new Costco Australia chain. I am not exactly sure of what products, but i am sure my little birdy will tell me more when they know more! Watch this space!!!!
As for Costco, the melbourne store is still going ahead, as for the Sydney store, I haven't heard, but if you know something, please share:)
Until next time, keep your eyes and whits about you! Food storage ideas are everywhere, otherwise just come back here and I should have something new next week!!!!

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