Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meals under $10 Curtis Stone Eat Your Heart Out!!!

It seems to be the trend at the moment to see supermarkets advertise budget meals and meals under $10. Coles has hired celebrity chef Curtis Stone to advertise the family meals for $10. Howver most meals are directed to families with 2 adults and 2 children. So what do the other families do that have 3,4, or more children!!! As we have 4 kids (3 that eat dinner) I have been thinking alot about this lately because of the price of grocceries creeping,creeping higher and higher. So I decided to pass on some cheap meal ideas that I have used and come across. Some of these ideas can easily be used with ingredients from your food storage.

I have posted two ideas already so take a look at those if you want. This next recipe is a food storage idea. I made this meal for my family on Saturday mainly because I didn't feel like cooking anything special. My hubby and I love our indian food and in particular we love butter chicken. When I saw Heinz Chunky Butter Chicken soup I was VERY skeptical about giving it a try because I can't stand the chunky beef, and ham soups they do. But, my sister in law made it for lunch one winters day and I was very surprised to find it not bad tasting. So when it goes on special I buy at least 6 cans because 3 cans usually covers our family. My kids totally love it, even my very fussy son, Chris. I microwave my rice and heat the butter chicken on the stove and add it to the cooked rice and Voila! A very cheap and very easy meal to feed the family when you can't be bothered cooking!!

For dessert I made crepes which are super easy and super cheap as well. I worked it out to be less than $10 for dinner and desert for my whole family(two adults and 3 kids who eat, we have a 7mnth old as well) and I used all ingredients I had on hand. Good on Me!!

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