Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Challenge 17 - WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE?

I like this challenge, it made me smile!!! Our house is always busy and there is a lot going on for one reason or another. Even though some days seem crappier than others, I always have (and appreciate) a moment when something makes me smile! Most times it will be something that one of the kids say or do. Like my son Liam who said recently:
"Mum do you brwember when i was wittle and I liked to pway wif wego all day wong!"
That just cracks me up! He said it so seriously and he is only 3, and he still plays with his Lego all day long! He so loves to talk but the way he talks right now is just gorgeous, I can't help but smile and now, I can only laugh on the inside becasue he has told me that when I waugh at him its makes him sad!
So what makes you smile?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

"brwember" !!
Sounds like my little boy, too cute =)

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