Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well I have been checking out bulk order items for a little while and I think we need to get cracking on putting some orders in. I will spend hopefully no more than 2 -3 weeks taking orders and payments. The order will be placed and sent to me. You will need to come and pick up the egg powder from me or if you live interstate I am happy to post your orders to you I will find out postage costs and add to your order. Egg powder is an extremely versatile product and lasts for at least 12months when stored properly. You get approx 80 fresh eggs for each kilo of powder so if you like to bake it really works out well to have egg powder on hand. A meringue/pavalova mix is also available and this is perfect for pavalovas, merginues,french macaroons and so on! Approx 30g of the egg white powder makes a pavalova that serves 8. If you know of the Pavalova in an Egg, this is kinda what it is but much cheaper! With christmas just around the corner, its a good time to have these products on hand.

Leave a comment or e-mail me with the amounts you are interested in and a way for me to contact you. I will be in touch with payment details. I do have a minimum purchase amount and once that is reached and all money is paid, I will put the order in. I am hoping to have this done by the end of the month as I plan to put in another order for chocolate next month, October for all the christmas baking coming up!!!

Egg powder

500g - $7.50

1kg - $15.00

Meringue/pavalova Egg white powder

500g - $9.00

1kg - $18.00

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Sidthegnomenator said...

Hey Courtney, I live in the UK now and I love making pavlova for my family - my husband is british and he and my in-laws all love one with whipped cream, strawberries and grated chocolate.

With pavlova not being such a big thing over here, you can't get pavlova mix so I have perfected a method with fresh egg whites; but last year we were in London and went to the (very expensive) Australia shop on the Strand and they had pavlova magic "eggs". It really made me smile - my mum could never get the hang of pav and only ever used these.

Anyway, you've just reminded me again - with the cricket and losing the Ashes I am all homesick at the moment, and you have really sparked some lovely childhood memories for me. Thanks xx

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