Monday, November 28, 2011

Aussie Handmade Goodie Bag Worldwide Giveaway

My two passions in life outside of my family and work are cooking and crafting. I love to make my own things when and where I can and if I can't make it, I love to buy it! I made the handmade pledge about 4 years ago when I discoved Etsy and fell in love! Since discovering Etsy I have found many other handmade sites, I begun to realise the amazing talent spread all over the world. There is something truly amazing about the talent of a human being. I love how people can see the use of things in so many different ways. My personal crafting at present, is in hair accessories. You shouldn't be suprised how many people make hair accessories, but what's amazing is that there are so many ways you can make an attractive or cute hair clip or hair band. Its marvelous!

As I saw so many awesome things on Etsy, Pinterst, Madeit, to name but a few I started to think, "People need to know about these people". I want everyone I know or am connected with to know of the talent locally, here in Australia and the world.  So I began this little project of mine. As Christmas is upon us, I thought I would introduce to you some talented locals who make their own stuff! They in turn would love to share their talent with you and have kindly added an item, or voucher to the goodie bags so you can sample their handmade goodies.  There will be two goodie bags available.One for Australia Wide and the other for Worldwide.  Here is the line up:

JoeyDesigns -  owned by Danielle Miles. This is a supe cute shop selling stickers, pinback buttons, and cards.  Danielle is offering a set of stickers and a set of pinback buttons for each bag. Total value is just under $19AUD.

See Sam Sew - Sam Rimmer designs and makes toys, blankets, and bibs, for babies. Her whimiscal style is cute and cuddley. Sam is offering a bib for each bag. These bibs are cotton with soft minky on the back. They retail for $12AUD each. All contact can be made via her blog.

MiniTresureKids -  is a boutique for baby, girl and boy lines of clothing. Attention to detail, qaulity fabric and stylish designs make this brand a must to see. There is a $25AUD voucher for each bag.

Imogen's Angels - owned by the very creative Fiona Holmes. She uses polymer clay to design cute angels or little people ornaments that can be personalised.  Fiona is offering a voucher for a little person or a little angel for each bag and they are $16AUD each.

Designs by Me - this lucky lady has great initials! Melanie Eagleston has taken creative advantage of her lucky intials M.E! I discovered Melanie last christmas. She takes old spoons, evens them out and hand stamps them. These decorative and useful spoons are good for the garden as plant/herb labels, and book markers for your cookbooks in the kitchen. She also makes interesting coasters using recycled road maps. Melanie is offering a "What's Cooking" cookbook clip for the Aussie Goodie Bag valued at $18AUD.

Little Princess Hair Accessories - is owned by Keira Caroll. She makes cute and creative hair accessories. Her choice of materials include grossgrain ribbon, fabric, and pretty emblishments. Her hair accessories are fit for every princess. Keira is offering a $10AUD voucher for each goodie bag.

A Little Bit Craftsie? - is owned by yours truly, Courtney Wilson. I created this tiny business when I discovered the wonderful world of jewlery and crochet. The Aussie Bag will get a crochet santa hat hair clip and blue resin flower earrings, total value is $14AUD. The worldwide bag will strawberry hair clips and purple resin flower earrings with a combined value of  $14.50AUD.

Jessica Ward - a talented photographer who makes her pictures into greeting cards. She is a lover of nature and all things outdoors in regional Australia.  A selection of unique Australian Christmas themed cards and blank cards with flowers will be added to both the Aussie and Worldwide goodie bags.

How to Enter?

1.This giveaway is a game of skill. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me in 25 words or less what makes your Christmas special. I will judge the most creative answer for Australia and one for Worldwide. Entries close Midnight Monday 5th Dec. One entry per person.

2. Outside of the 25 word limit, mention whether you are after the Aussie bag (aussie address only) or Worldwide (worldwide address only). 

3. Judge's( that would be me) decision is final and winners will be announced by Wednesday 7th Dec. For worldwide, I can't promise delivery for Christmas, but I will do my best.  Please make sure you leave an e-mail address so I can be in touch with you for mailing details and in return a prompt delivery.

If you are not yet a follower of the blog, I would appreciate a follow, a FB like and if you know how to  retweet on twitter, that would be awesome! Please also follow or like the artists above to show your support for their work. 

 I very much intend to do more giveaways like this in 2012. I have offered this opportunity for free. If you are interested in the next giveaway, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to take submissions from crafters worldwide.  You can e-mail your interest to

Thanks very much and good luck:)


Kylie Ofiu said...

Sharing Christmas with my daughter who is old enough to enjoy it and carrying on traditions from my childhood with her.

Aussie bag. :)

Vicky said...

Our first down under - no Jack Frost or chestnuts on open fires but sun, mangoes, macadamias, relaxation and magical time sent with our Aussie family.

Aussie Bag please(now I am one!!)

Happy Christmas :o)

CatWay said...

Seeing my two boys marching to Little Drummer Boy and bouncing and singing Aussie Jingle Bells makes my Christmas memorable.

Aussie Bag.

Merry Christmas

Debbie said...

Spending the day with my beautiful boys, husband and rest of our family, and remembering special people in our lives that can't be with us :-)

Aussie bag please :-)

Have an awesome Christmas :-)

Leimay said...

My Christmas is special because it is filled with good friends and great family. Food indulgences don't hurt either!

Aussie bag please

Merry Christmas!

Mypeace said...

My Aussie Christmas is filled with joyful faces,as they open thoughtfully handmade gifts, indulge in delicious summer food and enjoy playing with their new treasures!

Aussie bag please.

Have a fabulous Christmas and Crafty New Year

TLN said...

Friends, family (mostly by skype these days!), food, fun and a hefty dose of festive tradition make Christmas special at our home.
~ Laura (a Canadian, now living in Australia)

Mlle Slimalicious said...

Unfortunately I live 16,000 km away from my family so Christmas is not so special for me anymore :(

(I'm a French girl living in Australia).

gertshine said...

My Christmas is special because it's the one time I get to see my family, and we have a huge baking/bonding session :)

Claire Lewis said...

Christmas is special,
with our family small
We bake and sing and make our gifts
for our loved ones, young and old.

Supporting Handmade, this year and every year. Entry for the Aussie Bag!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

marybelle said...

My Christmas is made special by all of our family traditions, most passed down through the generations. Lots of love & laughter, food & fun.

I'm entering for the Aussie bag thank you!! Merry Christmas to you & yours.

FB: Mary Preston
Email Subscriber


Rebekah said...

Singing songs, eating chocolates, and finding the perfect gift all make Christmas special... and all reminders of that precious Baby too!

Entering for the Aussie bag and thanks for highlighting these fabulous handmades! :) Love it!

Jared said...

Making memories for our little ones is the best way to celebrate – creating traditions, time with family, photos, yummy food, and caroling at midnight mass! entering worldwide

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Christmas means more this year as we don't have a home. We have each other and all the love in the world which matters most!

Aussie bag...

You are super generous! Merry Christmas and I hope the sun is shining...

Xo Steph

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