Friday, November 25, 2011

Where does the inspiration come from? Decadent Ice Cream Cake

I often wonder where people get their inspiration for the dishes they create. For me my inspiration comes in all forms. Sometimes I create something out of necessity because they are the only ingredients I have on hand. Sometimes I will read a recipe and then recreate it from memory and create some either slightly different or completely different. Other times I follow a recipe and realise after the tasting the final product how I can make it better next time. I also find that I will be thinking about something and then out of the blue a thought will come to me.I will think about it for a day or so and then create it in the kitchen. I also find inspriation in my hobbies like craft and art. I will see something and it will make me think of food and then I will want to create a dish that reminds me of that picture, quilt, photo or whatever it may be. Yes, for me I find inspiration in all forms all around me. Its interesting:)

The recipe I want to share with you today came to me when I was shopping at my local fruit and vege market. They have a section for imported foods, mainly European. I often go here to see what's new or what's on special. This particular day, I came across a large circular box. I picked it up to find out that i was sponge cake that hade been cut into 3 thin layers. I beleive it was a product of Italy. Straight away my mind went racing. What could create with this? I decided to purchase it and see where my mind would take me. I first of all thought some kind of mousse and/or cream with fruit layers. I then thought of some kind of custard with layers of ganache. Finally I decided to make a layer ice-cream cake with layers of choc fudge and chocolate ganache. Sounds divine, and it tasted divine!!!


1 packet pre-cut chocolate sponge ( could cut your own sponge if you like)
2 L premium ice cream I used Blue Ribbon vanilla
1 packet almond M&Ms
1 pkt reg size bag Malteezers
1/2 packet Pascall Marshmallows, each chopped in half.
2-4 bars of Reese Butter fingers (any kind of peanut butter bars) roughly chopped.
2 bars of Cadbury Flake crumbled
300ml thick cream
200g dark chocolate


1. Soften ice cream but standing at room temperature. I feel strongly that you use a premium quality ice cream because it will melt and re-freeze better and retain a good consistency and taste. Other ice-creams will go icey and not have a good taste.
2. Put softened ice cream in a bowl and mix in M&Ms, Butterfingers, Flake.
3.Working quickly,melt chocolate and cream in a saucepan over medium heat until combined.
4.Spread botton layer with ice cream and drizzle ganache over top.
5. Place down next layer of sponge on top of ganache and repeat.
6. Spread remaining ganache over top layer and put in freezer to set.
7. Use a knife dipped in hot water to cut up cake for serving.

NB Any chocolate bars and candy can be used for this recipe. You can also ommit the ganache if you like, or just put it on the top of the cake.

Would love to know what inspires you in your cooking, blogging, crafting, or whatever it is that you do!

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