Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog This Challenge No.16

Yet another challenge I would like to be part of. Its quite befitting actually since my involvment at church with welfare and helping other to plan their three month storage. When you start with this role, you relise rather quickly how much you consume and how much you don't really need. I have come in contact with some truly awesome blogs where people have completely commited themselves to frugality and being as self reliant as possible. I wish to get there, one day! I am still struggling with little things like dressing my kids in name brand clothing, shopping at woolies because its convient when I know I could shop at aldi and save a little extra, but I just can't bring myself to go through the effort of unloading, and trying to keep up with the cashier while my two kiddies carrying on, then packing my stuff in bags, then packing them into the car, its a real effort for me!
I could do without buying lunch almost everyday with my darling hubby. I should take sandwiches when we meet for lunch. I could also do without snacking on chocolate and anything sweet I can find in my house! I am a real sweet tooth and even when I don't buy chocolate I will always have something sweet to nibble on, be it marshmallows, jelly babies or lolly pops. Everyone in my family and even my in-laws know me as the lolly queen! I will always have something sweet close by!
I have begun exercising this week to get my fitness back on track. It has been almost 9 months since my son was born, so its time to get myself sorted out and back to my healthy weight. So I can do without a half hour each day of doing 'other' stuff so that I can exercise, clear my mind and my body so I can be happier and healthier. I really do feel happier when I have had a good half hour to myself walking and thinking about stuff. So, yes, this shall be what I will be trying for a week. I hope by doing this it will bleed into doing without sweet stuff and then bleed into doing without other things that I don't really need!


Eilleen said...

All the best with exercising!

You know, my journey towards a simple and frugal life started with small steps that grew to bigger steps and next thing you know, I have come a loooong way from that yuppie, over-consumer person that was me.

Perhaps you'll find the same with you too. One little step leading to the next.

There was a story I found on the net a few weeks ago and it really stuck with me. It goes like this:

There’s a story about a young man hired to work in a coal mine. When they gave him his equipment, they told him: “Make sure you have an extra battery, so that your light will never fail.” They were talking about the light on his miner’s hat.

“But I have a question,” said the young man. “My light seems dim. It only shines for a couple of feet in front of me. If I’m underground in the dark, I can’t see what’s ahead in the tunnels. I can’t see anything except what’s right here in front of me.”

“Don’t worry,” they told him. “If you have any light at all, you can see well enough to take one step. So take that one step confidently. And then there will be light for another step.”

Wishing you all the best!

WelfareWisdom said...

Thanks Eileen, I do agree with you. I am taking those baby steps and appreciate everything I learn a long the way. I think what keeps me at it is what I see other people achieve and I also think we can all be happy with not much at all in terms of material possessions, its the relationships we work on and build with the ones we love that mean everything in the end.

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