Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I am off to Melbourne this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing my sister-in-law and her family and my sister (even though she was only up about 2 weeks ago!) I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband as his work has been keeping him away from us for the last month or so. It will be a road trip, so this will be the interesting part of the trip, to say the least. It will be the first long road trip with all 4 kids. We are armed with a DVD player and craft supplies, and a few little back up plans up my sleeves!! I am hoping we will get there all in tack and I will still want to spend the next week with my kids!!!

I am also looking forward to visitng Costco!! Whoo!! The last Costco I went to was in Edomonton Canada. It was massive and as I didn't have any room left to take anything more home with me I just enjoyed taste testing, which I hope they will be doing at the Docklands one. If anyone has been and has some advice or products I should look out for, please let me know. My sister and sister-in-law have both been and my sister-in-law will be coming with us when we go, so I will be in good hands!! Needless to say, I shall be documenting all the good stuff to keep in mind when it comes to Sydney. I checked the site this evening to see what the plans are for Sydney but all that info has been taken off the site, not sure why though. A couple of months ago there was a fair amount of info about the proposed site at Auburn on Parramatta Rd. If anyone knows some inside details, please share.

Well, I have to get back to packing. Egg powder orders are still open if anyone is interested. For all those local gals, you can purchase 2L H2O bottles of water at the Refect Shop at Castle Towers for $1. Big W has there Decor TellFresh containers at 50% off again this week.

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