Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its been a while

Well, yes it has been a wee while since I have posted something. I went away to Melbourne and seemed to like being away, even though we came home. I just wanted to have a break from things for a little while. I also got some teaching work. I am working 2 days a week at a special needs school in Beaumont Hills, and while I absolutely love everyday of it, its rather tiring and takes a lot of emotional strength as well. But I have got into a bit of a routine now and I feel I can get back to this and some other things I have been wanting to do.
So I should tell you about COSTCO, my current favourite place to shop, even though its in Melbourne and I live in Sydney. I absolutely LOVED IT! I can't wait for it to come to here. Being a family of 6 we really need a place like this to go to every month or so. It just makes sense to get it all in the one go! I did manage to make some purchases and stuff it in our car! I won't give a full list, but all I can say is if you live in Melbourne and haven't been down to Docklands, you should make the trip! All your food storage needs are waiting for you there:)You do have to pay a yearly membership but after a shop or two it is worth it. I have a couple of photos but can't locate my USB connector(typical!) so when I do I shall load them up.
I am currently working on a food storage plan for 2010. I will get my hubby to make a hyperlink thingy to a pdf file when its finished so it can be downloaded and printed for your own use. I have some really great ideas up my sleeve which I will start in 2010. I will also be doing some product reviews for christmas, cheapy and creative things that are perfect for the festive seasons. So stay in touch:)

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Toby O said...


Toby and I were frequent Costco shoppers in the states 5 years worth of membership.
They weren't monthly visits it was more like fortnightly visits. Nappies, laundry liquid, rice, pasta, cans, juice, ice blocks and such were all great deals. I even got formula there.

So we are looking forward to it's arrival also in NSW. Might need to buy near it. We were only 5 mins away from it in the states.

I don't have a google account so I guess I'll have to use Toby's.


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