Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy New to all, i hope you all had a great christmas as I did. I am looking forward to wonderful adventures before me. I have some great plans in the works and hopefully a website!!  I have the domain name, and I am working on the content, I will just need hubby to help me put it altogether. I am planning for the website launch to take place hopefully by March/April, but I will keep you informed.  The last chocolate order was another success, and I have people asking me when I will do the next one. I would say possibly in March, but I'll wait and see.

To get the year going, I have decided to tell you where you can get free samples and another site I have come across where you can score some great bargains. I will endeavour to add these items each month if I can. So follow me or keep checking back each month.  I am also planning some of my own giveaways too! Its going to be an exciting year!!!

Most of these I have used already to test if you actually get the sample and how quickly they arrive. Some arrive within a week or two and others take up to 6-8weeks, but they still arrive!! The websites where you have to become a member sometimes send you an update e-mail to let you know when you sample will arrive.

First place to get a free sample is:

I got mine just before christmas and  I recieved two for the category I chose. They are good to have on hand for spare nappies or to put in a 72 hour kit.

You have to join the huggies club, which doesn't take long. As a member you get to enter draws and also request samples for all their nappy and pull-up ranges. It's a great way to pick up some freebies and have them on hand as back ups or for your 72 hour kits. 

Read the details on the site, you have to send them a stamped self address envelope for the samples, so it will actually cost you, but if you have ever wanted to try them, this is a good way to do it.

Fill in the form, I have tested this one out and I got a sample rather quickly!

Its a small sample but its free!

Mini wax strips

Underarm liners!!! I haven't received mine yet but it was one of the companies that e-mailed me to let me know when it should arrive, worth a try when its free!!!

Free cookbook

That should keep you busy for now! You should also have a look at Ozsale I have purchased a few things from here. The postage is a little pricey if you are interested in small items like earrings. It will start at $8.50 regardless of how small your item is, but it doesn't get too high after that. I purchased a pair of shoes that took about 6 weeks to arrive. I also got some thongs/flip flops and they only took 7 days to arrive, so its a little bit unpredictable in that respect.  I have not yet decided whether or not to become a priority member. I should have done it when it only cost $60, it now costs $100 and I think it might be per year (double check that!) but you do get a $30 voucher when you pay the $100 fee. You do get discounts and you do get priority access to all sales.

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