Thursday, March 25, 2010


So we all love anything that will make our live convenient right? Well I have been thinking a lot about this lately, quite a lot actually. Since I have entered the world of storing food for short and long term use. I have thought about ways in which I can have a supply of ingredients always on hand so that in a time of crisis, be it small or large I can always turn to my pantry/cupboards/fridge/freezer and find something to feed the family.  Now I know to some of you food isn't everything, but I believe if you have something to eat, that is one less stress in any situtation. I love 'me' food, I really do. When I do the family budget food is at the top, it comes before petrol(gas) and other bills. It has to be there, I have to know that we have food to eat and to make us full and happy. Think about it, a family gathers around a good meal and discusses the happenings of their lives and chats and enjoys each other's company - just run with the idea, I know it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it makes us feel good and more together! In a time of crisis, if you have food to sit down to it can make you feel like their is hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel to whatever it is that is causing stress or concern.
Food storage is a term that I have grown up with. I am a Mormon, or Latter Day Saint. We believe strongly in storing food for short and long term survival.  Across my travels on the web and blogging world, it has also be termed as stock piling. Both terms, are good. They mean what they say and say what they mean. But I'm kinda getting over using these words. I have decided to rename the whole food storage thing. Modernise it make it contemporary to our generation.  I have chosen a word that we all know and recognise, but will alter what you understand as its meaning. I introduce.....Convenient Food.  I strongly belive that food storage really comes down to convenience. If you have it on hand, it is convenient. If a cyclone tears through your town, if you have been storing food, toiletries and the like it is convenient, are you catching my drift?
If we can store convenient food on a regular basis, you can make your lives a little more convenient, you know, one less thing to think about. It can even be convenient even when there is no natural disaster or finanicial strain it can just be convenient!  So how do we do it?
I have already posted some recipes that incorporate convenience food. You can take a look at my posts to find them.  Basically, anything that can be stored short or long term, is a convenience food.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe in fresh is best. I don't want anyone to be misguided about that. But convenience food can easily be incorporated with the fresh is best food to make delicious and nutiricious meals.
I will continue to bring you recipes that use convenience food or at least incorporates it. I will discuss and show you what kinds of foods are convenient foods and how to store them, use and rotate them. It is also good to have convenient goods aswell. So things like toiletries, baby needs, matches, candles, etc. I will mention these too, but my main focus is the food, because I love it and it makes my world happier!
My convenient food cupboard is looking a little scarce lately becasue I have been working and not had the time to shopn properly. I am trying to not cop out and buy take out, so I have been using up my convenient food. Now I have to work on putting it back so I will have a good supply when I need it again. So, I decided to 'borrow' some pics to show you how your cupboards can look when you get on a roll and store your convenient food. Keep in mind this is just pantry food. You can also store your convenient food in the fridge and freezer.

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