Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A friend of mine had this amazing homemade salsa that I just had to recreate! Mine doesn't have black beans, mainly becasue here in Australia, they aren't easy to come by. I did throw in what I had, and I used chicken tenders from a packet that I wanted to use up. You could use the Honey dipped chicken recipe also. It is super tastey and super healthy.

1 large can of supersweet corn
1-2 tomatoes deseeded - I used roma and prefer roma tomatoes
1/2 capsicum diced - I used red, but any colour works
1/2 red/spanish onion diced and chopped.
1 tspn crush/minced/dried garlic or 1 clove of fresh
1 lime or lemon (small) juiced ( or concetrate is also handy)
1 cucumber diced
salt and pepper to taste

I used fresh coriander aswell. Not sure of amount just a good handful and I tore the leaves, I didn't chop them. If you are using dried, I would suggest a tablespoon.

You could also add:
some kidney beans
three bean mix
white beans

1 packet of chicken tenders cooked


Add all ingreadients in a bowl and mix through juice. Serve with chicken tenders or other meat of choice.
You could also serve with corn chips.


Kellyansapansa said...

Yum - that looks and sounds so good!

Stella said...

This looks wonderful, and, yes, very healthful too. The photo is kind of making me want a chicken nugget though???

FoodMuster said...

I have to admit, I didn't really like this type of chicken which is why I wanted to use it up. I would've prefered to have photographed my honey dipped chicken, but basically the message is use, whatever you want!!!

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