Sunday, March 7, 2010


I mentioned a week or so ago that I was planning my son's birthday party. Poor Chris is 7 years old and hadn't experienced the blissful joy of being king for a day at his very own birthday party! I am working atm so I had to think pratically about this. I thought of Hungry Jacks and McDonalds but I wanted better. I decided to have something at home because I thought it would be easier for me. I didn't want to rush out with all my kids to get somewhere before the guests would arrive. I did however make the commitment to myself not to invite more than 12 kids, I've made that mistake before!
My internet search led me to a great science site called Fizzics Education. I figured this was it until my daughter reminded me of a time the kids got their faces painted at a shopping centre and how much they loved it. So my internet search for this type of thing led me to Nats Fancy Faces. She only charged $150 to paint everyones faces and they loved it! I have to say its the best value for money I have spent and the kids loved every moment of it.
This is my son Christopher. He looked so different, as he is such a placid little boy, he looked very out of character, but he loved it!

This was one of my favourites as he looked just like a tiger should! It was just amazing!

Of all the beautiful girly things my daughter could have chosen, she decided she wanted to look like an insect! Go figure!

My nephew wanted a character from Ben10, not sure of the name of it, but Nat did this from her creative memory, how awesome!

While the face painting was huge success, I do want to mention my amazing bargains. I did want to have some cool prizes so I searched around the Hot Dollar type shops but found nothing good. Then I came across an amazing find in Target.

This cool toy cost me a whopping 5cents! Yes you read right! I couldn't believe my luck. I purchased 7 of them and I also scored some watches at CottonOn Kids for $1 each! What a find! 
Basically, my whole party cost me just under $300 including Nat's fee for face painting.
One tip I want to pass on is not to spend too much money on food! I purchased some chipolata sausages and cut hotdog buns in half. I had some fairy bread, which was hardly touched and some chips (not hot) which were only nibbled at. I purchased some SuperHero drinks from the Reject shop which were in date and only cost $3 for 4 bottles. Each kid got one and then I had iced water or cordial which some kids prefered to drink.  The kids had heaps of fun and there was no need to spend very much. Granted, I did get some great bargains which helped. 
If you are planning a party keep your eyes peeled at Target for things like this.  The same day my daughter found some novelty/plush roses and flowers also for 5cents each!  You never know what you will find!

Forgot to mention my husband's cake decorating skills! Personally, I think he is a closet cake decorater! He does all the kids cakes and he does the best jobs. When he retires from being a software engineer I won't be surprised if he takes it up as a hobby!!!

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Kellyansapansa said...

Wow - that face painting is amazing! What a fantastic, original idea for a party. I'm definitely going to keep this in mind.

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