Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forgive me Please...

As I have not been able to post in such a long time. Life as cliche as it sounds is hectic at the moment. Its my reality and working 4 days a week has not been too helpful. I love my work and I don't want to stop working/teaching but I will be cutting back to 3 days a week as of next term which will give me more time to blog which I am looking forward to. I have blogged so many great posts and ideas in my head, I hope they look as good when I do them, as they have in my head!!! 
I am also moving house, which is so exciting as its our first home! We have rented our whole married life, so its so exciting to be finally able to purchase our own little 'mortgage' dream!!! I will at some stage post some pics but for now I have to concenrate on moving our  stuff. You know its funny, everytime we move I realise how much 'crap' we accumulate. I have thrown out so much 'stuff' its been a great opportunity to declutter and ready myself for recluttering when I get relaxed in my house and start collecting more crap, thinking I'm sure to make use of it one day!

Anyway, I do have to get back to packing so I will leave it there and wish me luck, not sure why, maybe wish me luck in keeping myself sane for at least another 24hours, I have been close to loosing it a few times already!!!

I will make mention that I will be taking vanilla bean and extract orders very soon and if you are interested, wherever you maybe, let me know. I will post costs in my next post. If you are also interested in joining my food storage e-mail list, send me an e-mail to and put "Join FoodMuster' as the title. Joining the e-mail list will give you the heads up on orders either from me or other food co-ops I know of.  Take care now:)

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Mhel said...

Yeah, your right, how hard it is to blog, work, plus your daily chores. I started blogging to relax and unwind, but eventually as you get many readers and followers, it suddenly becomes an obligation and stresses you. But still is fun.... Congrats on the new house!

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