Thursday, July 22, 2010

My life can now go forward....

It sounds pretty sad I am sure, but I felt as though something had been missing the last couple of weeks. We have finally moved to our *first* home, meaning we finally purchased our own little 'mortgage' and we are so happy for it!! However, it has taken almost 3weeks to get the internet up and running. We are with IINET and as hubby is my sexy computer geek, he strongly feels it is the best and also does the VoIP thingy as well - can you tell I understand all this stuff?? Anyway, I am back online and so back to blogging, when I can...hahaha! I scored some tickets to the Sydney Food and Wine Show so will be posting a review of that and some interesting things I discovered there. I have plenty of other stuff to share with you so please stay tuned.
Bulk orders will be starting very soon, and next on the list is Vanilla, sweet vanilla that I can get at rock bottom prices! Interested? Don't forget to e-mail me your interest and when I have the full details I will send a detailed e-mail to you. I will post goods to anywhere in Australia.
Well until next time, be good to yourself and enjoy your day:)

PS. I now have my domain linked to this blog, FOODMUSTER.COM, is much easier to remember than my other domain with blogspot!
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