Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tutti Fruiti Bakers Twine!

Hello all, while this is primarily a food blog, I do like to add a craft post now and then and since I came across a gorgeous site, I have to share! I was visiting one of my fav sites, paperglitter because I love her work and it always make me happy to see her art! One of her pics caught my attention because of the twine she used as a prop. She gets her twine from The Twinery. Take a look and see what you think. Its the kind of thing that you feel you have to have because its looks almost edible. That's how I feel about certain fabrics or beads. If I can't stop staring at them and thinking that I wish I could eat them, then I know I like them!
The twine would be great for presents, scrapbooking, adding to teddies or dolls if you do that type of thing. Anyway, the list is endless, so take a look and see if the twine has the same affect on you as it did me!!! Just so you know, its in the USA.

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