Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well, if there was ever a blog that suits me to a tea!!! Well, I don't think I am all that quirky but my husband does and so I would like to share with you my little quirk and let you be the judge on whether you too think I am quirky. For the purpose of this blog quirky is synomous with wierd....or anything else I might take offense to!! I like the sound of quirky its non-offensive!!!

Well, my pet hate, that I truly can't stand is water on the bathroom floor! I really don't like the feel of a puddle of water on my barefeet but add some ceramic tile to that equation and it makes my skin crawl. I don't like stepping our of the shower onto a moist or wet floor then walking out to the hallway and having wet feet walking down it. Its something that really annoys and bothers me. So what do I do to combat this issue? I have towels or bathmats spread around the bathroom and I wipe down the bathroom floor every morning or night, basically when everyone has had their shower. Then anyone who walks in doesnt have to slip 'n' slide around the bathroom, but also doesn't have to walk their wet feet or shoes down the hallway.
Now my hubby thinks its obessive, but my kids have slipped and hurt themselves in the past, so as much as it might be my 'quirk' it is an issue of health and safety! Is a risk assessment was required, it would be top on the list!!
Anyway, yea all might think I'm a little daft but in 11.5 years of marriage kids, or no kids, I have never liked it. Even if we are in a hotel, down goes a towel to mop up the water! The only exception is if I am staying and a friend's house where I don't feel comfortable putting a towel/bath mat down!! If I am staying with family or relatives, I request an extra towel and or make sure the bath mat is sorted out and down before I have a shower. Wow, as I am reading this I am realising I do sound a bit OC with this! Sorry, I should say "Quirky"!

So do you have some 'quirk' that you have to do and do you think I am 'quirky' be careful now, if I know you I may hold it against you, if I don't say whatever you like!!!! Just kidding:)

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