Friday, February 11, 2011


So for those that know me well, one of my all time favourite websites and craft stops is I love this site. I fell in love from first site (a bit cheezy, but I had to say it!). I talk a lot about it mainly telling people about the amazingly creative people that inhabit out world. I have bought a lot of 'crafty stuff' over the years I have known about it but I also like to go here now and then to 'window/screen' shop or just for inspiration, either for my own craft or just to get back to that feeling that we can all be creative. Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favourite stores that I have on my favourite list. I hope you will also like them and maybe make Etsy and regular place to shop!

I am going all the way back to the very beginning and my very first favouite shop, EndangeredCreations, is run by an Australian Lampwork artist, who I only know as Steph. She now lives in Sydney and her work is just to die for! I originally came across Steph on Ebay, but have continued to follow her on Etsy. Her work is bright and when you see it in real life you want to lick it and see if it tastes good too!! I have only bought beads from her, and mainly beads I have requested which, if she has the spare time, is always willing to do personal orders. Steph also designs and creates amazing sterling silver jewelry which is truly unique. Here is some of her work.

You can also check our her WEBSITE.

The shop, Beautifully Handmade Designer Buttons by TESSA ANN is another amazing shop. Tessa makes buttons from polymer clay, but she doesn't just make ordinary buttons, she makes amazing buttons that have intricute detail. Each buttons seems to tell a "Once upon a time" story and I want to know the ending to each one! The pictures will speak for themselves, but if you are after a different gift for a little one, or wanting that personal touch to a scrapbook page or canvas for a room, then you will want to see Tessa's designs.

Tune in next time for my Etsy Favourites and I will also be doing my Madeit favourites too!


showandtellideas said...

Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
Love it! Will be back!


Christie said...

Steph's work looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

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