Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bananas: I caved in and bought some today!

I came across a great blog yesterday, How Sweet it Is, and saw the recipe for whole wheat banana pancakes and I was literally salivating! I have not had a fresh banana in about 3 or possibly 4 months. Due recent natural disasters here in Australia, the price of bananas in particular of have gone through the roof! I think they plateaued at about $14/kg for a while in the supermarkets. It has made me so sad, because I really love my bananas. I love to eat them from their skins, cook/bake with them, add them to smoothies, add them to yoghurt, I just love them in so many ways and I misse them. However, out of principal, I stopped buying them because I couldn't believe how expensive they got and to be honest back int Feb, we ate in Kingsford for my birthday and the bananas there were $3/kg but back at my local supermarket they were $13/kg and it was then, that my suspicions were confrimed. We really were being ripped off for no other reason than greed!! It made me so upset, so I decided I would not purchase bananas until they were reasonably priced again.

I was at a local fruit market and the good bananas were these little mini bananas. They were $8/kg and because I had seen the pancake recipe, I caved in and purchased some.

I also bought some very over ripe ones at $2/kg so I could make some banana bread and other goodies. So I am somewhat happy!! I am eating bananas again, but now I am worried $8/kg was still not a low enough price! Anyway, I can't worry too much about it, the overripe ones are the ones I care about for baking and they were a steal in my books! I also scored some Aussie navel oranges for 50c/kg and giant box of mandarins for $10 which work out to be about $1.50/kg.  Mate I love a good bargain!!!

So what is your latest food bargain?? How much do bananas cost where you live?


Kim said...

We're not far from you, and our local supermarket sells them for $12.98 a kg. I had to break down and buy some for a birthday cake request! Especially hard to take when back in the States I usually paid about $1.39 a kg or if they were on sale 1.5 kg for $1.00!!!

Where did you find the ripe bananas for $2??? I've never even seen ripe bananas in the store! That was truly a major score!

Felicity said...

I too MISS bananas, especially with a baby - I usually buy a couple a week for her just because they're so easy for her to eat :)

When I first heard about the cyclones in QLD I rushed (and I mean rushed :) out and bought about 16 kgs (they were still between $1.00 - 2.00 kg) I then cut them up and put them in zip lock bags in the freezer so we could still use them in smoothies and cooking! They don't look that great when they are defrosted but still taste delicious when we make muffins or banana bread!!


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