Sunday, September 4, 2011

Does Popcorn Grow on Trees?

Welcome Spring! I love spring, so much because I know summer is just around the corner! I do not like the cold one bit, but I do have to be very grateful that it does not snow at all where I live, and never will!
I also love spring because it means that all the flowers come out and fill the air with sweet aromas, can you tell I don't suffer from hayfever? Anyway, one of my most favourite flowers is jasmine. It has such a sweet smell that reminds me of my childhood. We had jasmine growing along our fence and when it bloomed we would go over to the fence where we would meet our neighbours and pick the flowers and suck out the sweet nectar! Its was so delicious:)

We have been in our current house for just over a year now and when I was hanging out my clothes the other day, I thought, " this jasmine actually reminds me of popcorn". Have you heard the song, 'Popcorn popping'? Its a super cute song that I was bought up on.We would sing it at church and also at home.  I will add a link so you can hear it if its new to you.  So we have popcorn growing on our fence, yummo!!

What's your favourite flower that comes out at spring?

You'll have to excuse my failed attempt at the vegetable garden. I had good intentions, but it just didn't take for some reason:) I will have to try to plant seedlings next time perhaps, instead of seeds...any suggestions?

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree: sung by two cute kids, I have no idea who they are!!

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