Friday, October 7, 2011

My Grand Designs

I remember as a kids heading off to bed as my parents would quickly flick over to the shows they loved to watch. I would shudder and think to myself, "They are so old, and like such old and dorky shows". Now I am so sad to admit, but my kids now see me as being 'old' and make fun of my 'dorky old' shows. My parents were big on shows like 'Hill Street Blues', 'The Good Life' and even, "Keeping Up Appearances' with good old Mrs Bucket, pronounced, Mrs 'Boo-kay'!
My hubby and I love Q&A and we also like "Gruen Transfer/Planet". I wouldn't really think these are dorky but they aren't appropriate for my kiddies anyway. What I would consider appropriate is that of one of my most favouristest shows, Grand Designs. I love this show with a passion, but kids think its boring and dorky! Although it's growing on my eldest child! What I think I love most about the show is the different homes that are being built. I have been following the show for at least 3 years now and I still have to giggle when the home owners say, "We need to keep to the budget of...." you almost know that most owner builders go over their budget, but they do produce magnificent buildings. The house though, that has stuck out in my mind most prodominantly has to be the tyre house. I love this house. Using recycled tyres as the main building material. I also fell in love the the recycled glass bottle wall, which I wish to create one day.
Here is the house in is developing stages.
And the end product, how interesting is it?

Aside of this dream, I have plenty more houses I would love to have. Here are some of my dream houses.

For the kids, or maybe when we retire!!

Now for a little bit of fun. I have set up a link up for anyone who would love to share pics/post of their dream homes, or a picture/post about their real home. Please only link to posts about houses/homes and direct links to the actual post is best. Thanks and I look forward to seeing more interesting houses to dream about:) Please ignore the second linky, I can't seem to delete this from my post, will work it out I'm sure!


katepickle said...

oooh I just saw a re-run of that one with the tire wall and I LOVE that house! I really gave me some perspective and patience when it comes to us building our own house too. Yes it is taking forever but when it is done we will be able to stand their proudly and say 'we built this' just like those people did...

Kirsty@MyHomeTruths said...

I seriously love Grand Designs! My husband got the Australian series on DVD for father's day and we watched it all in one day! We are considering our own renovation but I haven't got any pictures, etc yet to share - but I would love to join in on this blog-hop once I'm a little more organized and have some dream houses to show you! Great idea!

the cheese thief said...

I love those houses. Especially the third picture. Too bad land is so expensive where I live. I guess thats why they call it "dream" house. New visitor and follower to your blog. I found you on mbc.

Please stop by my blog if you have a chance.

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